T2 Changing channel by itself

Humax said to me it sounded like a main board fault.

Its weird as i had the issue on a 9200T in another property and a factory reset/HD format/firmware reflash and retune sorted it.

Humax said its a rare fault on the foxt2, but i guess they would say that as they sell it.

good luck with the fix...lb
Took the unit apart tonight and cleaned all contacts with anti static wipes, all looked okay, reconnected and also moved the unit a couple of meters away. No dice, as soon as the unit was turned on, within 5 mins it had gone into standby and changed channel. Looks like i'll be getting a grade A replacement for £95, I wonder if they can replace just the front unit......
Because of the fault on my humax as stated above I started looking around at new humax stuff.

I found out I can get BT vision which gives me a free humax you view box for a £110 charge (set up and years rental) I have just ordered it and will check this unit out and probably end up ebaying the new T2 I will get on the g tee swap out. The box is free to keep at end of years contract!!

StuJ it may be worth checking out this route if you are are out of gtee on your T2. seems like a cheaper alt than buying a new T2 for 299 rrp

have fun

ta lb
you will be giving up much more than you gain by switching to a YouView box, You gain 7 day catch-up of ITV / 4OD etc. you loose most of this lot HERE
cheers for the info EP. will hold on to t2 and trial you view. in the end one will go ebay. at £110 I can take the risk and maybe even make on the youview and leave the BT account dormant.

shame you cant manual tune or edit channel on you view-how ridiculous. a real drag. im sure life was eaiser with 5 analogue channels in real time :)

happy days lb
I just got my youview box and its doing the same channel swapping. I have done extensive testing and "I think" narrowed it down to a bad hdmi lead. have swapped lead out and so far no probs. will let you know how it pans out.

Apart from the channel changing which it would seem is not humaxs fault, the you view box is great btw. ta lb
I have exactly the same problem with my FOX HDR T2. It has just started changing channels, increasing/decreasing the volume and switching in and out of standby in the last week!

I've tried all sorts to try to isolate/identify the problem...

Tin foil covering the ir receiver made no difference.
Disconnecting all cables, except the power lead, made no difference.
I've just changed the HDMI lead, per the post above, and it's made no difference.
It appears that getting the unit into certain states, eg in menu>settings, reduces the occurrence of the channel or standby switching, but I haven't been able to reliably characterise it yet.

The problem appears to be either the ir receiver hardware, or the software.

Spoke to Humax support, and they suggested that its most likely a software problem. He suggested that I do the following 3 things:

1) Do a factory reset. This made no difference.

2) Do a manual software update. He helpfully sent me an email containing a link to the firmware download web page, with instructions on how to do the update ie put the firmware update on a USB stick, plug it in and switch the DVR on. Firmware was 1.02.28 and is now 1.02.29 (both standard). Interestingly, the release notes for 1.02.29 mention fixing a bug related to remote control actions when the remote control is not pressed. I'm not sure if this made a difference because...
a) immediately following the upgrade, it showed the same symptoms as before.
b) I started checking out some of the menu settings, and it stopped the erratic behaviour (not sure what I did unfortunately).
c) I decided to take advantage of the situation and copy some programmes onto DVD. Left it successfully copying a 1 hour program overnight. (Previously there would have been no chance, as it was switching on/off every few seconds).
d) in the morning, I found it had switched itself into standby (possible normal operation after 3 hours of unattended operation?). I've not been able to get it to work normally since, despite trying to replicate everything I did the previous evening.
e) currently it's switching channels, changing volume, or switching in/out of standby every 1-2 seconds (while I'm copying the recorded content onto a USB drive)!

3) if 1) and 2) above fail, return it to Humax for them to reprogram it. (He seemed sure it's a software problem). This really is the option of last resort, as its likely I'll have to fight to get the same unit back so I can play the encrypted HD files I have saved on the USB drive.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is the custom software immune to this problem?

Any help or suggestions for what to try next will be much appreciated.

Apologies for the long post.
I find it very hard to believe this is a software problem. By its nature, software does the same thing on every unit, presuming every unit is the same. If it behaves differently on one unit than it does on another, there must be some difference between the units (ie a fault).

Humax might decide to modify the software to accommodate units which, by normal statistical processes, have a wider performance variation than the current software allows - but at the moment it's still out of specification! The modified software should then be rolled out to the rest of us.
Hey all, interesting to see the resolution to LBs problem, here's an update to my issue I reported back in November.

Instead of getting a whole new recon'd box from Humax I purchased just the front unit for £30, thinking it could be the IR receiver on the front that was faulty. I connected it up and although it seemed to fix the issue for the first couple of days, the problem come back, although not as frequent as before. I was at the end of the line troubleshooting wise and lived with it until just before christmas.

One weekend I had the whole TV unit out, giving it it's twice yearly clean behind it. ;) This included disconnecting every unit (TV, Humax, PS3, Router, NAS, AMP, Speakers, GE switch etc. ) cleaning the unit and placing it all back. When re-powering up everything I noticed that the GE switch had no power, I checked the unit and noticed a funny smell from the plug, opened it up and saw that it had blown (capacitor?). I changed the power unit and continued to plug everything back in.

Now, since then, probably a week or so before christmas, there have no issues whatsoever. I didn't even realise for the first couple of days. I've since tried the old front unit and that too has worked perfectly fine. Also, it might be worth mentioning that my next door neighbour has been having some work done recently, electrical and roof work, that stopped around the the same time. So, this could also have been a contributing factor.

One thing I have noticed though is the volume issue between the HD and SD channels is back, it's as if the unit has defaulted back to another software release or update - I checked and this isn't the case, still running the latest available.

So, conclusion is it could have been a number of things, reading LBs post though I wonder if it could have been something as simple as disconnecting the hdmi's and reconnecting them? It looks to have gone anyway at the moment so I'm happy.
I never really got to the bottom of what was causing it. It was a major pain in the ass and turned into a very complex test of many things slowly trying to eliminate various causes.

I would take out the aerial and HDMI leads and block off the IR pick up and see if the problems still happens.

I would test it on another TV-maybe in another house and see if that fixes it. Some TVs throw sync information down the HDMI that may cause an issue.

I would take out all batteries from all IR remotes to eliminate remote malfunction. Speak to neighbors maybe its their remotes

I got a new T2 then under gtee and this did the same thing for a bit. To reduce RF interference I put 2 ferrite coils on all my leads and that seemed to stop the issue? This included the outside aerial!

I am not sure this is a fix though and think its just coincidence. (sorry)

I cashed out on the T2 in the end and got a you view box-weird channel has changing gone now and will never look back .

Y view gets 9 out of 10 from me. I deducted a point as 4OD buffers all the time (while im at 20mbs!!) and no other OD players do.

Good luck in your quest but I bet it stops as weirdly as it started with no final resolution.

Come on HUMAX whats causing this?

ta LB
Do you have an energy saving light bulb in the room, or a room close by?

I had a few that gave off stray IR when they were struggling for power. This used to send a few boxes I had into standby, and change channels randomly.

Since your new box is doing the same, I would look for stray IR signals as the cause.
Had the changing channels thing and in the middle of Brian Cox too!!! - should be a capital offence :)
Read the articles here and elsewhere on the net and did the following:
  1. Swapped the HDMI lead with the one on my Blu-Ray
  2. On my Samsung TV pressed the remote's tools button and switched of the HDMI-CEC option.
(I had noticed that when I switched on the Humax box the TV also started - at the time I thought this was great but...)
OK it's early times yet but the random changing has stopped
Hope that helps someone out there with RSI of the remote finger
I'm having the same problem that you've described here. I actually replaced the unit as my old one was outside of the manufacturer's warranty. Exactly the same problems with the new unit. I've tried factory resets, moving the box, everything described here. Nothing seems to work. I'll be talking to Humax this week to see what they have to say. It's obviously not an isolated issue!
I'm having the same problem that you've described here. I actually replaced the unit as my old one was outside of the manufacturer's warranty. Exactly the same problems with the new unit. I've tried factory resets, moving the box, everything described here. Nothing seems to work. I'll be talking to Humax this week to see what they have to say. It's obviously not an isolated issue!

Two postings and you conclude not an isolated issue. Have you tried covering the front of the unit with say a piece of cardboard ? I'm with the other posters, it's most likely a rogue source of IR. It's most definitely not a common issue. Have you got other Humax kit like , Foxsat-hdr, HDR FOX T2, HD FOX T2 or HDR 1000/1010S boxes ?