The Gadget Show 21/03

Don't know if anyone caught this weeks Gadget Show?
They did a feature on Freeview HD PVRs, comparing the HDR T2, an Icecrypt 1TB and a Sagemcom 500Gb.

The Humax box came out on top with 4/5 stars.
They liked the TV Portal too which strangely included Sky Player!
I noticed it was running Ver 2.01 (mine is 2.02), how come John Bentley gets Sky Player but I don't?!?!?!?

Anyone who missed it you can watch it at:
As per usual, the Gadget Show is out of date.
They were using early firmware that was sent out to reviewers at the beginning of Feb i think it was. There is no other way for them to obtain the Sky Player. Which kind of makes me wonder why all of a sudden they are doing a Freeview PVR round up with old beta firmware. Were the other manufacturers boxes using beta firmwares? I'll put £1,000,000 on "No".

Call me cynical, but this smells like a Humax marketing stunt.. what they didnt bank on was a)Channel 5 taking so long to broadcast and b)The Sky Player still being AWOL.

PS. The gadget show is THE most awful gadgety type show I have ever watched. Some of their facts are just plain wrong! They are a joke in my eyes.
Looking at the feature again, you can see the date in the epg was 20th January so it was presumably filmed then, using the beta firmware that was available at the time.

The best "gadgety" type show that I have ever watched was Tomorrows World.
Unfortunately It's the only gadgety type show I know of, at least that's running at the moment - it's been a while since Tomorrows World was on TV!

Besides no other gadgety shows have Suzi Perry and Pollyanna Woodward, which kinda makes up for some of the pap on the show!

Hardly the most in-depth thing you ever saw was it? Basically, we now know which one John Bentley's mum liked. Still, it worked for those tw**s on Top Gear when they got their mums to test hatchbacks. I only really watch it for Suzi.
Lol difference is though is that top gear IS funny, whereas the gadget show trys too hard and think theyre funny.
Theyre not.

I think viewers only tune in to see the crazy prize bundles lol
Hate it with a passion! Lol
Can you imagine actually winning those prize bundles? I'd need a new house (or a divorce) first, before even attempting to unwrap it all. I've been even less impressed with that Jason (that is Baldy's name isn't it?) ever since meeting him at a school fete. He wasn't there as a personality, only a local parent and he's just as childish in the flesh, trying to beat all the kids at goal-kicks. I seem to recall that The Fast Show had a 'competitive Dad' like him!
mmmmmmm Suzi Perry ..... top totty :D

But I stopped watching the program because of that baldy Jason bloke. He comes across as a right cock ...... trying to "get down with the kids" and be uber cool ............. and failing miserably :mad: