The Last Wave (BBC4) and A Suitable Boy (BBC1) possible broken series


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Series on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Both started last weekend.

I set these up as series recordings (Freeview) before the first episodes which then recorded OK. However, a couple of days ago I noticed that neither was showing up in their respective schedules for this weekend (1-2 Aug).
On checking the EPG both were there but not 'marked' as recording, leading me to believe that BBC had cocked up the series IDs. I will be checking tomorrow, Sat, to see if they've been corrected and if not reset the schedules.

If you are recording either or both I recommend you check yours too.

(And as a preemptive defence, these are for SWMBO - not me :) )
Series Recording on my BT Youview box for both of these are fine. Are you sure you set them up as Series and not as One-Offs?

Happily both of them are available on iPlayer so not the end of the world.
Just checked and both have regained their links. I'm guessing BBC have corrected the IDs - it's happened a few times this year, but they haven't always been corrected and we've had to dick around with iplayer.

The problem is, if you notice they are broken and redo them to the new links, then if they are subsequently changed back to the original IDs you will presumably lose them again. (Which is why I left them until nearer the time.)

Are you sure you set them up as Series and not as One-Offs?
Yes - they were in the recording schedule but showing --:--.
I know that you can get that if the EPG hasn't populated fully, so I specifically went forward to the appropriate times in the EPG to check and both were there, but without the little icon to show they were scheduled (HDR-FOX). Today they have got the icon again.