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Timeshift play


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Now, I must confess to not having used the hummy regularly over the past year or so. Pre DSO signal was not good. So I might have missed this behaviour.
Watching in timeshift the channel on which a recording is due to happen later, produced this screen.
I would like to hear from people who have not seen this message before. What do you think the consequences will be for either of the two options.
If this is a new feature of 1.02.27 the question still remains.


Ezra Pound

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This is not a new feature, An explanation of this feature has been supplied to mihaid, but he would like newcomes to have a guess at it first, so it has been removed from here


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It's not a new behaviour, and I know exactly what it means but I will avoid pre-empting your question.
Ezra just did so.

What I was trying to achieve was here:I would like to hear from people who have not seen this message before.
Curious to see what a newcomer to this message would understand/do when confronted.
No bad feelings either since it's a good explanation.
My quick reading of the message, on the moment, was that yes would have started the recording from the current moment thus missing the beginning of the program.