Topfield retune problem..


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Entirely unrelated to Humax but I know quite a few people here have topfields.

My dad called last night to say that he had done a retune on his Topfield (5800 IIRC) after the DSO in Tyne Tees and it can't find any channels. His TV and Youview box are fine so it doesn't sound like an aerial issue.

The Toppy is on very old firmware (not sure what version) because he doesn't want to change the way it looks and works (!) - are there any known problems with DSO and old firmware?

Thanks in advance!
Thanks - I'll do some reading up on it. A bit short sighted of them to assume the NIT was contained within one TS packet : )
I don't understand any of it, but my two Toppy 5800's have been running well patched and NIT fixed firmware for a few years.:)
+1 (used to be +2 but I passed one of my Toppies onto a friend when I got a Freeview HD PVR and become overcapacitised).