Trixes WiFi Wireless USB Adaptor


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i bought a Trixes WiFi Wireless USB Adaptor for my humax i plugged it in the humax its picking up other networks but it wont pickup my netgear am i doing something wrong it did come with a disc with it do i install driver on computer first
No. If you are able to "see" other networks you know it's working. Do you have your network SSID hidden?
If your iPhone "remembers" the network it will connect, iPhone is always looking for wifi.

Hav you checked that your network is set at the correct type? Ie network configured as "n" type while adapter only capable of "b"?

Btw - I don't know your adapter, generic advise only.
There are various Wi-Fi specifications that could be used, so it could be that your router is set to say 802.11b = 11Mb/S instead of 802.11g = 54 Mb/S. However most Wi-Fi devices will automatically 'fall back' to lower data rates so if the Trixes WiFi Wireless USB Adaptor can handle 802.11n = 600Mb/S it should also be able to use both 802.11b = 11Mb/S and 802.11g = 54 Mb/S as well. You should be able to set your router to 802.11b/g = 11 Mb/S + 54Mb/S
At least THIS POST casts some doubt on the issue. I might have concluded a firmware update sorted it, or it might be variable according to the dongle / router.