Unwanted (by me) channels


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Have I missed how to remove channels from the Freetime Guide that I will never use but must trawl through?

There seems to be an obtuse solution by marking them as child protected and then hiding them with a Pin code but if this works then it should be just as easy to make it a separate additional choice.
I suppose one could add all channels wanted (perhaps most) to the SINGLE Favourites list and only use that.


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What model have you got? On the Foxsat HDR it is possible to install Raydon's custom firmware and then use the web interface to remove unwanted channels (or mark them as non-Freesat) so they do not show up in the EPG.


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Thanks for responding gomezz.
My box is HDR 1000S 2TB so I guess custom software is not a possibility (yet).
I think I may be missing something because the menus do not all seem to be present all of the time. For example I cannot get to My Media unless I plug a USB stick in even though the servers are connected. Put the stick in and the stick and the servers show. This does not seem to be correct so I guess it is me , somehow.