Rest assured, it's not an argument as such. Just a few pedants having a light hearted go at each other. Unless I have completely misjudged things:)
Unless I have completely misjudged things:)

How dare you imply otherwise! :mad:

Oh I'm just sensitive in the language area.

I agree with Trev that language gets butchered, tortured, hung, drawn and quartered, far more than it deserves. The non-word hardworking springs to mind, used by people who should have known better!
On special offer from 10am today until ??? It's £62.54 before the deal, so I would guess around £50 from 10am for a short while.

Sphero Robotic Ball

(Sorry, that's SRB, not UPD! My mistake! :oops:)

Edit: I was 1p out!