It's a term used by someone who feels the need to force others to adopt his / her phraseology, usually by having to explain the term to the reader. It is said that Cliff Richard adopted his name so that radio, TV, members of the Press etc. would wrongly call him Cliff Richards, where upon he would say 'No, not Cliff Richards, It's Cliff Richard' thereby getting his new name mentioned in the media a further two times, it's a similar thing with UPD
I think Keith Richards changed his name from Richard to avoid being confused with Cliff.
Well, you did post in 'The Arms, and topics here tend to drift off topic even faster than they do in the mainstream threads:frantic:
Sorry, just catching up from a weekend away. BTW, I use UPD (not confusable with any other definition in the context of this forum) and will continue to do so, but I don't recall attempting to force anyone else to (unlike those who attempt to force me not to).

Underpotential Deposition in simple terms: electroplating (ie deposition) where the voltage (ie potential) needed is less than that required to reduce (de-oxidise) the material in question. I'm not sure, but I think that applies to most electroplating in general.
Cross refer my post at #4
C'mon BH, you're a bit slow these days.
Not trying to force you to do anything, but why don't you call a UPD a USBMSD (USB Mass Storage Device) at least it more accurately describes what it is instead of using the stupid euphemism 'Pen' in the name? (We must assume, perhaps incorrectly, that people are fully aware of what USB means.)
Or even USBFMSD (USB Flash Memory Storage Device) which even more fully and accurately describes the device?
I wouldn't have thought a stickler for precision, accuracy and unambiguity such as yourself would even consider using 'Pen' in a technical description that had absolutely nothing to do with pens.
I didn't choose "pen drive" any more than I chose "thumb drive". This has already been discussed to exhaustion and is closed as far as I am concerned. What you choose to call it is up to you.
I didn't choose "pen drive" any more than I chose "thumb drive". This has already been discussed to exhaustion and is closed as far as I am concerned. What you choose to call it is up to you.
No, but you did choose the relatively unknown initialism "UPD" to describe it, in preference to the many much more popular acronyms or initialisms in use for these devices. When you have to resort to creating a web page on dropbox, and hotlink to it, purely to explain your use of the term, then you really should consider whether your true motive is clarity, or just plain stubbornness in the face of adverse comment to your poor choice of abbreviation.
If you Google UPD, you don't get any relevant hits. If you Google pretty much any of the other common acronyms, initialisms or abbreviations you get exactly what you might expect. Having said that, if you Google my two contrived jobbies that I suggested above in jest, you also get no hits.
I think we need a standard here.

BH in #14 has given us permission (if we need it) to call it what we will.

I propose from here on in we call it the little stick thing you push in the front right of your Hummy or TLSTYPITFROYH for short. This should also appease those who don't like 3 letter acronyms.

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I wasn't implying any sense of giving or needing permission, and neither do I need any. The arguments have been rehearsed previously in other threads, and my replies remain the same as previously posted. Posts may well be an "unlimited" resource, but time reading them is not.
To quote "what you choose to call it is up to you"

I choose to call it TLSTYPITFROYH I'm sure it will catch on if I use it enough.

(It's pronounced tills tipit froid in case you need to explain the term verbally to anyone).

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