Updating Software


I am experiencing some difficulty updating the software to the latest version.

I have switched off the box at the switch on the rear near the power lead. Plugged in the USB pen, switched it back on whilst pressing the large STANDBY button on the front, but no success. I have tried three drives all with the same result, although the USB logo on the display is illuminated when a drive is plugged in.

Any clues?
Valid questions. The HD-FOX has to be started with the button held in, the HDR-FOX doesn't (it hasn't got a button - not a mechanical one anyway). You also have to have the right firmware update - it will ignore one for the other device. You appear to be talking HD-FOX T2 and yet you have posted in the HDR-FOX T2 section.
The OP is obviously referring to the HDR box, as the HD box does Not have a power switch on the back.

Try following These Instructions from the Humax website, they worked for me a few days ago.
You're right, but he appears to be using the HD-FOX instructions - so that would lead to the suggestion that he has downloaded the HD-FOX update not the HDR-FOX. Easily done.

The current download for HDR-FOX T2 (not HD-FOX T2) is here: HDR-FOX T2 v1.02.20 (click)

The download is a zip file, it must be unzipped onto a USB drive. Instructions are in a .txt file also contained in the zip file, but the way I do it is:
  1. With HDR-FOX T2 in standby, insert USB containing the .hdf file in root directory
  2. Boot the Humax, TV screen should show "downloading"
  3. When the TV screen shows "programming", it's safe to remove the USB
  4. Don't panic when the reprogramming pauses
  5. Reboot when the TV screen says so, having removed the USB first.
Thanks for all the swift replies. It is a HDR, and I have downloaded and unzipped the "HD-FOX T2 1.02.20 software (where is the red face smilie?). I thought it might be the USB stick, but as it plays .avi files I thought there was more to it than met the eye. Trouble was I should have used my eyes a bit more and seen that I had downloaded the wrong upgrade!

I have had the box for ten days now and I am well pleased with it so far, as I have been with the other two Hummy boxes, 9200 & Foxsat HDR, I have. And, I must say that the Hummy forums are always informative and the members are so helpful.

Now, does anyone have any advice on how to speed up the recovery of a snapped Achilles tendon? :)


That worked first time, my fault. My excuse? I'm in my sixties and don't always read the instructions fully. I may even be dyslectic as no one ever had that when I went to school.

Thanks again.

Cheers Pete