Using Find in EPG Causes Reboot


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Newbie - so apologies if this is covered elsewhere.

I just installed a 1TB drive and have successfully copied my old recordings across. I noticed last night that when I use the Find function in the Guide, this makes the box freeze (I can see the picture freezed behind the grid), then the TV screen goes black and the HDR reboots.

Since finding this I have upgraded to the latest modified firmware and have run fix-disk using a Telnet connection. This has not solved the problem.

Any ideas?
I was going to ask the same question myself. I've tried to use the "Find" function for the last 2 days and it just keeps rebooting. I was worried a series of power cuts where I live had caused damage to the box. I tried restoring factory settings and reinstalling the software to see if that worked (which of course it didn't in light of this revelation). I'm relieved it's a known potential problem with the EPG and hopefully no problem with my PVR. I'll just leave that bit alone for now and check for any progress reports. I'm new to this forum too, so like flatst, apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.
Of course this does highlight a problem with the box itself in that it should handle bad EPG data more gracefully.
You're dead right there, it could have just given a meaningful warning/error message, rather that just crashing. At least then the user needn't worry about a broken PVR.
I've just tried the Find feature again and it seems to be fixed. Performed several searches to test and all worked perfectly.