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Viewing a list of scheduled recordings

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Freesat Recorder' started by peerjay56, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. peerjay56

    peerjay56 New Member

    Sorry if this is an old subject - I have checked first and can see nothing similar.
    On my old 9200 I could view a list of scheduled recordings, but can't find a similar feature on my FoxsatHDR. Is such a feature available or is there a workaround that achieves the same end?
    Having the memory of a metal thing with holes in, I like to check if I've already set up something to record before I dive in to the guide to set it up again:oops:
  2. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    It looks like you press "Guide" and then press "Yellow" to bring up your "Schedule List", have you tried this?
  3. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    Or press the Schedule button? One up from the bottom left of the remote control labelled SCHEDULE. At least it is on mine.
  4. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    This gives you the delay while a new epg loads. As Gomezz says there's a schedule button on the remote which directly accesses the list (for series recording it only lists the next event). From here pressing red gives you the instant cached epg.
  5. peerjay56

    peerjay56 New Member

    Thankyou all for your replies - I thought there must be an easy way to do it, but it wasn't clear from the manual, thought the button labelled schedule should have been a bit of a clue:rolleyes: