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My brother recently set our elderly mother up with a Foxsat HDR but left her using three separate remotes for the PVR, TV and DVD which was confusing her. I have now put the relevant codes into the Humax remote so she can use it for the TV and DVD player. The problem is that although she can switch the DVD player on and play the disc the picture doesn't automatically come up on the screen as I had hoped. She can use the TV remote to change the mode from HDMI to AV to view it but this is confusing her and she keeps forgetting to change it back to HDMI and then has no TV picture for days until one of us gets there to sort it out. TV stuff is not my area at all so after several hours messing about I tried phoning the Humax support line but they said that she would just need to use the TV remote. I'm hoping that I just didn't explain it properly and there is something I can do to make it easier for her. Any advice appreciated.
Unfortunately the Foxsat-hdr doesn't support auto hdmi port selection (CEC) , even if your TV does. Best bet is one of the cheaper Harmony remotes. These are activity based so you would have three activities. Watch TV, Watch Satellite, Watch DVD.

These set up all the right settings for you for instance.

Watch satellite turns on the TV, turns on the HDR, chooses the right input on the TV and sets the volume control to control the TV.
Or replace the DVD player for an upscaling one with an HDMI connection (or with a Blu-ray player) and add an autosensing HDMI switch.

Or daisy-chain the DVD player through the Foxsat HDR using SCART leads. That way at least she will be able to watch the Foxsat over the SCART connection although obviously not have the benefit of the HD channels.
That's great. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I thought I was missing something really obvious and one of you would say ' press button x dopey...!'