VLC not playing ts files


I'm sure VLC used to play the .ts files on my humax (sdef), but now it will not.
Is my memory failing, or has something gone wrong?
VLC 2.1.3
Humax 1.03.12
You don't say whether you are accessing the files via the Hummy DLNA server, the files directly on the hummy (via samba), or pulling them off the hummy (via FTP or USB copy).
In some cases you would need the Custom Firmware, assuming this query is in the correct stream (not Custom Firmware) then only DLNA and USB copy would be available.
I'm sure VLC used to play the .ts files on my humax (sdef), but now it will not.
Is my memory failing, or has something gone wrong?
VLC 2.1.3
Humax 1.03.12
How are you transferring the files from the Humax to the PC?
This will only work if you have decrypted the files first. For that you need the Custom Firmware.
As this is not posted in the Custom Firmware topic the assumption is that you do not have CF installed.
This would also mean that this method (FTP) cannot have worked in the past.
Hmm my memory must be going then :(
Still on the subject of VLC should it be able to see the humax as a network media player and stream sdef content from it?
I've seen some posts on here that suggest it should, but all I get is VLC not responding when I click on network in the playlist view.
You don't say what version of windows or vlc you are using.
Basically, you have to make sure that:
- sharing is turned on on the hummy
- windows is set to pick up upnp network devices
- in vlc you look for upnp devices.

In another discussion on this forum, in the past week or so, this subject was discussed. It was highlighted that some people had had difficulty getting later versions of vlc to pick this up properly.

If you are on windows 7 you could start by looking under network for media devices. DLNA servers appear there. Clicking on one will usually open your media player ...
Thats fixed it, installed version 2.0.1 of VLC and I can now stream from the humax to my pc :D
Thanks everyone for your help.

I have recently installed the custom firmware 1.02.31 mod 3.00 on my Humax HD Fox T2 :-
And it's really fab ! However the aim is to be able to play downloaded video while Im away so I also loaded the auto unprotect package.
Ive recorded a short SD clip from the TV and then opt > download and saved to my pc. I have tried to view using Windows Media Player Ver 12 and VLC Player latest version2.1.5 and then version 2.0.1 after I read this blog. The player plays other vedeos I have but not these ts files
Can anyone help ?
Thank you so much Black Hole. Ive really been scratching my head on this one. I'm going for an HDR and put the old HD in the spare room. Looks like the HD will be able to see the HDR's recordings over our network using the custom firmware if we want to watch in the spare room. Also we can now save to laptop and watch abroad, happy days... Chris
For clarity, you do not need the Customised Firmware to view HDR Fox recordings using your HD Fox over your network.

But the Customised Software brings extra benefits.