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I am using HDR-Fox T2 with software FHTCP 1.03.12. If I use the web interface everything seems to be working fine. The problem is that if I select a recorded programme and double click the link a dialogue box opens headed "Media Details". This has "Play" and "Close" buttons at the bottom right corner. If I click Play a VLC player window opens but it is black. If I click the play button under the
VLC player window nothing happens. If I click the black window itself I get the message "An error occurred. Location not found." Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

Andy Hurley

Sounds like you don't have the VLC plugin installed in your browser (or it doesn't work for your OS) but all is not lost. If you click on the link address that is shown just above then it should allow you to open the link in any compatible media player. For example, I tend to watch via an android device and the VLC plugin does not work but I am able to open the media stream via, e.g. MX player which works nicely. In fact, I find the embedded VLC player to be a rather sub-optimal way of viewing as it does not (or did not when I last tried) allow trick play functions like skipping to the required start point.

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More information required on what is being used at the display end - hardware, OS, browser & version, VLC version.

Ron Taylor

This is now also my problem since latest firmware update to 1.03.12 and CFW 2.23. VLC has been working well and I have been able to play recordings on both Windows laptop and Android smartphone. No longer the case! What a hassle - OTA failed and left me with a reset Fox. Upgraded using download 1.03.12/CFW2.23, Retuned and now this! I can browse media, select recording, hit play in bottom right - then presented with traffic cone in centre of black screen. Title bar tells me that media is playing. Start/stop buttons have no effect. Clicking black screen also no effect. Display is Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop (old iron I know, but it did work) running Windows 8.1, Chrome browser version 36.0.1985.2. VLC version 2.1.3
Have been following thread http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/new-update-w-c-05-may-2014.4980/ where af123 suggests kernel has been patched for improved network performance. Using my upgrade route suggests kernel not upgraded? Is my next step to install Official firmware (to hopefully upgrade kernel) followed by 1.03.12/CFW2.23? The media will play if first copied to PC. I have auto-unprotect installed.

Ron Taylor

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Chasing around Plug-ins, Extensions, Browsers etc all result in a black screen, all but for a central traffic cone. The heading tells me that the video is playing, but all controls have no effect and the traffic cone becomes very boring after a short while. This is a little better than the Android devices which simply tell me that the 'plug-in is not supported'. All used to work fine before the latest round of updates. Is there anything I can do Humax wise? There are no error messages - just that boring cone!! PC's are Windows 8.1 and Android are Jelly Bean and Kit-Kat.