Volume Level on HD Channels


Finally completed digital switch-over in the Meridian region. (I live in Slough - long story but I pick up Hannington transmitter from my flat!). I now have the 4 HD channels - fantastic!

However, I have noticed that when viewing them on my Humax HDR that the volume level does not work. I have to set the volume using the TV remote. This is strange but I have experienced the same when viewing mp4 files from usb drives and networked devices.

Wondering if anyone is having the same issue? I am running the latest version of the custom firmware.

Just to repeat that this is not a major issue but curious to find out if other people are having the same problem.
It is not a problem, it is the way the digital audio track works on the HD channels. If you turn off the digital audio output then I think you can reclaim control of the volume using the PVR remote.
This one seems to crop up fairly often on this and other forums.

In my case, the Humax volume control has no effect when using the optical output, but does when using the HDMI output to my TV.