wall mounting Foxsat HD box


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Is there any reason why a Foxsat box shouldn't be mounted vertically? I'd like to use my one with a wall mounted TV in the kitchen; haven't quite figured out to fix it but just wondered if there would be any problems. Only thing I can think of is aligning it so remote will work - any thing else?
I have a HD-FOX in my bedroom, it is mounted on a shelf that results in it facing the white wall at the bed head under the overhanging cupboard space. Admittedly the walls are all white and the room is not particularly big (maybe 10x12), but I can point the remote anywhere from anywhere and still operate the HD-FOX on a trajectory that probably takes 4 bounces to get there (including the horizontal surface which is all carpet and soft furnishings).
Ventilation and running a hard disk in a different orientation to what it has been used to.
Thanks, Black Hole - interesting info. Gomezz, Foxsat HD doesn't have hard drive, just a tuner, but I take your point about ventilation.
I think it's probably worth giving it a try - it's a pity you can't get smaller TVs with built-in freesat tuners.
it's a pity you can't get smaller TVs with built-in freesat tuners.
You can, there are a number of 32" TV's with built-in freesat tuners, there may also be some even smaller ones available, although in my opinion 32" is about the right size for kitchen use.
I have one stood on a worktop, it sticks out 6" from the wall behind, and there are wall cupboards 4" above it.:)