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Hi there. I've been a bit of a lurker here for a while and have been using the custom firmware for about 5 months now. It's absolutely great, except now a problem has developed with the web interface and I'm hoping someone might be able to help. If I try and Browse Media Files or view the EPG or Settings I get the following error:

"Runtime Error: /mod/var/mongoose/lib/system.class:72: in procedure 'header' called at file "browse.jim", line 211 at file "/mod/var/mongoose/lib/setup", line 13 at file "/mod/var/mongoose/html/lib/header.jim", line 19 at file "/mod/var/mongoose/html/lib/topbar.jim", line 9 in procedure 'system' called at file "/mod/var/mongoose/include/diskspace.jim", line 6 at file "/mod/var/mongoose/lib/system.class", line 72"

I don't know what it means, but seeing something about disk space, I removed some of my media just in case and have over 300GB disk space (had plenty of disk space even before I did this though), reloaded the latest firmware and tried booting up with my external drive disconnected. I have pakages set up to autodownload updates. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
It would help to know if this is a 'happens every time' or 'happens occasionally and if I try again it is O.K.' type of error
It would help to know if this is a 'happens every time' or 'happens occasionally and if I try again it is O.K.' type of error
Ah right, sorry. The error is there permanently on all three pages. The others are okay and apart from the error, the only other visible object on the affected pages is the gray title bar. All other contents are missing. I've uploaded some screenshots.


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That fine, I have seen messages like this sometimes but it usually works on a re-try, You obviously have a different problem. I don't think your problem is to do with diskspace, The error message is saying it hit problems when accessing the following JIM scripts:- browse.jim header.jim topbar.jim diskspace.jim. I'm afraid I'm not up to answering this but I know someone who probably can, The author of Web-If is af123, Hopefully he will be along soon and will be able to help you out
I'm reading on the mobile so not up to posting anything long just now. The runtime error is being reported by the busy box du command though so I'll upload a diagnostic for you to run later to find out what is wrong. Interesting one!
Excellent. Thanks both of you for your help. I can still access the Diagnostics pages, if running any of those diagnostics would help.
Yes, please run the general and df diagnostics. I'm hoping that the second one will fail with an informative error message!
Also, please look at the mongoose_error log in the same place, if there is one, and see if there are any error messages towards the end.
Easier to screencapture than paste as code, so please see attached. I found something in the moodinit log that may or may not be of relevance, so have attached a partial screenshot of that too (the error carries on repeating itself for about 100 more lines after the cutoff of that screenshot).


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Could you re-run df ? I've made some changes to it. Something very odd going on here.
Here you go. Would be interested to know what's going on if it's easy to explain to a layman :). If not, don't worry, of course.


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It looks like the file permissions on your busy box binary are wrong. I don't know how it can have got that way though.
Otherwise your disk looks ok from what I've seen.

Try df again and the see if the problem is fixed.
It is now. Not sure if it's anything you just did, but I might have done something to fix it. Having read what you just said about permissions, I browsed to the Humax disk from my PC and once I'd opened it the pages started working again. Does that make it even weirder?
Ahh, you pushed a new busybox install?

Edit: Ah, it's the same result as the previous one.


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