WebIF Home Page Failure Warnings

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There is sometimes (particularly since Christmas!) a long list of warnings when I bring up the WebIF, which I have to scroll through and acknowledge otherwise I can't see anything else!

A lot of them seem to be repeats of the same fault, logged over and over again each time the auto-processing scans it and tries to repeat the operation. The flagging really ought to be able to filter out repeats of the same warning (easy enough I would think), and suppress them completely if a later run cleared the fault (not so simple).

One particular warning seems to have been triggered by a zero-length recording failing to decrypt. I have no idea where it came from, the time stamp in the file name is all wrong - except that machine had crashed and I rebooted it about that time, so maybe it crashed when preparing to make that recording. Maybe auto-processing ought to detect zero length .ts files and report that as the fault rather than running subsequent processes?


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Ok - improved for next version:

Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
My warnings all correspond with broken recordings, no doubt upset by the Christmas schedule changes (but strangely there seem to be more broken recordings than nags). I don't think a broken recording should trigger a WebIF failure message.

Now to get down to the job I should have started this morning (distractions, distractions!).