WebIF install after HD Format


Humax has been glitchy (locking up, failed recordings) for a few days and this morning showed a message saying the hard disk had to be formatted. As we only had a few programs on there I decided to format the drive.

After that I tried to connect via WebIF and got the following screen:

Humax HD[R] - Customised firmware successfully installed. a.png

I clicked the button and got the following message:

Humax HD[R] - Customised firmware successfully installed..png

After power cycling the box (button at the front until all sounds ceased then power at the back) the drive is now only clicking when powered on so sounds terminal.

What drive (within the UK for next day delivery) is recommended, we only need 1TB.
You could get a Seagate ST1000VM002 (1TB). I know you said that you don't need a larger disk, but the Seagate ST2000VM003 (2TB) is only about £15 more than the 1TB drive. The latter is available on Amazon with next day delivery, but they can usually be beaten on price.
Any physical shops in the UK sell them? I'm at a loose end today so could collect.


Not that we're desperate or anything :)
If it was Friday Bolton wouldn't be a problem, could use it as an excuse to visit Arcade Club again.

Looking at the fuel costs next day delivery seems best option.
If you've got a powered USB-SATA adapter, swap the drives over and connect the old one on USB.
Then you can rsync the stuff on the old drive to the new.
I have a powered USB-SATA adaptor but I think the hard-drive is dead (clicking and can't record or format it).

I was thinking more along the lines of backing up the schedule from the Remote Schedule or similar.

Is there ANYTHING I can back-up or is it a case of start again.
The schedule is stored in flash so swapping the hard disk won't erase that.
If the disk isn't readable then there's nothing to do other than swap and reformat it, re-install webif then run fix-flash-packages from Diagnostics.
Has anyone taken one of these back under warranty recently? Did they get the same box or a newer replacement model?

The box is actually under extended warranty from Richer Sounds (The only place I've ever purchased an extended warranty from)
I strongly suspect the only thing they are going to do is offer you your money back in exchange for your T2.
Is there any downside to formatting a new disk as gpt, even if is 2TB or less and not AF? Other than it won't work with standard Humax firmware, of course. I tried this out on my test machine (500GB, non-AF disk) and I noticed how quickly that fixdisk ran on it; I appreciate that the speed of fixdisk depends on the disk size and how corrupted the filesystem is. I presume that the gpt formatting scheme (available in maintenance mode) uses fewer inodes per GB than the standard Humax formatting scheme? This presumption is based upon the 2TB disk formatting blog on the wiki (done before the HDR-FOX could format a 2TB disk) and the reasons stated therein, so I could be wrong about this.