[webif] Web Interface 1.2.x

Read the post but I don't get it.

What is the code doing?
You only need to do the "opkg update" and "opkg upgrade" stuff.
The previous upgrade to the Web Server didn't quite work properly, which leaves it not properly installed, which causes it to crash every time you do a package update.
Running the above commands (either from Telnet or Webshell) fixes the installation problem and it won't then crash any more.
You don't need to "get it", you just need to "do it".
I wasn't sure exactly what he was asking, and it wasn't meant in a condescending way anyway; more humorous but them's the joys of a text interface...
How long is ages MET? Mine takes 20 seconds from clicking the EPG icon to fully populated with 73 channels.
The question is, should mine be quicker than that?

Just upgraded to WI 1.2.8-8 and it's exactly the same.
on my dolphin browser I waited more than 5 min before I gave up trying to click anything in webif page. Is that long?
Disk diagnostics page crashes with an SSD connected:
./disk.jim:137: Error: syntax error in expression: "round((6078h+41m+22.260s / (100 - 94) * 100) / 10000) * 10000"
at file "./disk.jim", line 137
Suggested fix:
humax /media/drive1/mod/webif/html/diag # diff -u disk.jim~ disk.jim
--- disk.jim~
+++ disk.jim
@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@
  if {$left < 10} { set class orangeshade }
  if {$rval > 0 && [dict exists $derive $id]} {
  if {$left < 100} {
+  regsub -- {(^\d*).*} $rval {\1} rval
  set total [expr \
  round(($rval / (100 - $left) * 100) \
  / 10000) * 10000 \
It would be a nice touch to have a specific "empty dustbin" control in the media browser, and for that to occur in the background rather than hang up the browser window.
I have used a ! As a top of list marker for years with no problems.

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I have used a ! As a top of list marker for years with no problems.
I might just switch to that to solve the problem.
It seems that a number of symbols are acceptable, while a few cause problems. £ is another one to avoid (when drive is shared, a PC cannot navigate a directory starting with a £).
Well, # is special in a URL as it separates the section from the rest. The webif should escape that and I will fix it in the next version.
DOS disallowed characters are \ / : * ? " | and I believe windows is the same.
Might there be some further issues translating between the Linux file system implementation, through the Linux SMB implementation, until we finally get to the Windows layer?
I know that SMB shares (at least the version on the HDR-FOX) cannot share files with names containing 'ä' and probably other extended characters too. NFS shares are OK.
I have a folder named "#F1", the # means that it is sorted before any other folder. It seems that the HDR, telnet and [rs] can browse the folder successfully, but the webif cannot.
Fixed version now available (it's actually the jim-cgi package)
Just updated my packages and now I can't access the webif, hadn't realised box was recording when I hit update, is it likely that the failure to connect is because box needs a full power cycle?
I updated one of by HDRs whilst it was recording two programs. The WebIF is still accessible for me. Obviously, I haven't rebooted it yet.