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[webif] Web Interface 1.4.x


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I'm experiencing a problem at the moment whereby the webif repeatedly asks me to provide my user ID and password, at apparently random intervals during a session. I always provide the requested credentials, and tick the "remember" checkbox, but it never seems to be satisfied.

Any ideas?
Do you really need password protection on your home network?
No one outside your home should be able to access the webif


When we're going to be away for a while, I enable dynamic DNS on the router so I can keep an eye on the Humax (as well as on our security cameras, which sometimes need a poke via their web interface if they get themselves in to a guddle such that they can't talk to the phone app).


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Could be an easy typo for huddle or fuddle, but a more difficult one for puddle, cuddle or muddle:laugh:


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Is the suggestion that the Telnet menu passwd option should resolve the problem, perhaps followed by re-creating the Webif password?


Ah, thanks, I wasn't aware of that option.

As it happens, last night I deleted the user ID and password via the webif. That caused some issues when I tried to connect to the HDR a bit later - presumably because it was still asking me for credentials, but had nothing to authenticate them against! However, a full power off and reboot fixed that so I currently do not have a user ID or password set for access to the webif, and I'm not getting prompts to provide credentials. (Come to think, it had been a fair while since it had had a full reboot so it's not inconceivable that that was really all it needed.)

I'll try setting up a user ID and password on the webif tonight, and see whether or not the repeated login prompt problem returns.