[webif] Web Interface version 1.0.13 released

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I have updated all packages but I got this screen


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Af123 what triggers the crash message at the top of the webif screen?

I got this message a couple of hours ago, but no entry in the crash log. Also, it has been recording overlapping recordings all evening & these all seem fine. I am doubtful that it did actually crash in the full sense. Is it triggered by a package crashing, perhaps during auto update?

From memory I think it did the same thing a few weeks ago.

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Fix for stupid Html errors:
humax# diff -u /mod/webif/cgi-bin/channel.jim~ /mod/webif/cgi-bin/channel.jim
--- channel.jim~
+++ channel.jim
@@ -91,10 +91,10 @@
-      puts "<td>$ehs</th>"
+      puts "<td>$ehs</td>"
        puts "</tr>"
        puts "<tr id=mchan_$tsIdx class=mchan style=\"display: none\">
-              <td colspan=5>"
+              <td colspan=9>"
        puts "<table style=\"margin-left: 5em\">"
        puts "<tr>
                <th colspan=3>Channel</th>
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@
                puts "<td class=va>"
                puts "[epg channelicon $name 50]</td>
-              puts "</td><td>"
+              puts "<td>"
                puts $prv
                puts "</td><td>"
                puts $auth
@@ -142,3 +142,4 @@
humax# diff -u /mod/webif/html/services/index.jim~ /mod/webif/html/services/index.jim
--- index.jim~
+++ index.jim
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@

        puts "<tr><td class=even>$name</td>"
        if (!$installed) {
-               puts "<td colspan=3><i>Not installed</i></td></tr>"
+               puts "<td colspan=2><i>Not installed</i></td></tr>"

Would you please consider this for the Browse view?

It would be nice to have some sort of indication that a file is in use, either being played, or recorded.

I imagine that a combination of WebIF logic, and ext filesystem semantics, mean that I can't do any harm by attempting to move an in-use file, but still, it would be nice to be able to see that in-use state when browsing.

I know there's the current activity drop-down, which is handy, but that's not always visible.

thanks much indeed.
Fix for stupid Html errors:
humax# diff -u /mod/webif/cgi-bin/channel.jim~ /mod/webif/cgi-bin/channel.jim
@@ -142,3 +142,4 @@

The "footer" line is still missing!
Strange indication in the drop-down for playing/recording; it showed the play symbol and "Playing /mnt/hd2/Tsr/0".
It has fixed itself now and changed back to "Watching 101: "...etc (which is all that it was doing when it showed the odd message"
OK, doesn't surprise me, just mentioned it in case it hadn't be noted yet.
Good to know that we have such a quick bug-fix cycle :)
Did we have a way to manipulate bookmarks, or am I imagining it?

The OPT+ Crop operation could do with an "invert selection" option.
Imagining it. There is now a command line utility for it but it isn't in the web interface yet.
I'll add it and the crop invert option (which I know you've suggested a couple of times before) soon.
I seem to have a problem with something in the auto process.

Over the weekend I found that the auto had obviously stuck. Upping the logging tetail pointed me to folders with corrupted or additional files. I suspected HDD issues and ran fix-dis which found a file count error, went though all the folders and manually deleted the miscreant fles.

Now I have found the same thing today with a recording made this morning. It must be something in the shrink, dedup, sweep process. Since it only occured in dedup flagged folders, I suspect it is something to do with that process.

In the correctly titled file set, the .THM file is missing. This may be why the HDR shows it as a 1 min file, but it plays as normal, for the full 60 minutes

I have again upped the logging level, but this just shows where the process stops.

Has anyone any ideas what is going wrong?

I intend to delete all of the files to see if a later recording processes correctly.

Two later reordings have process correctly.

I don't now if this helps shed some light, but the original file from the auto-shrink process is not in [Deleted Items]/webif_autoshrink as expected. Presumably that means that auto-dedup runs before auto-shrink.

Edit: Spoke too soon. Two pre-shrunk recordings copied across from the other HDR to complete a series, have the same problem as above. At least I still the the originals of these for experimentation.
It doesn't care whether the .thm is there or not - if there is not one it will be created when played or at boot. The .thm is only the thumbnail frame for the media list - the problem will be in the .hmt or .nts file.
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