[webif] Web interface

So if I cut or copy a folder/file and then paste it elsewhere, what actually gets put in the clipboard?
Is it a reference to the selected item(s) or does it copy the whole folder and or associated files to the clipboard?

I saw the facility but was worried that it might try to copy everything to the clipboard and then paste it to the destination ...

I.e. The difference between Window Explorer and (say) MS Word.
If you cut or copy, it just creates a link on your laptop/ tablet and then instigates the command on the Humax when you paste, it does not copy the file/ folder to the laptop. Moving files on the same drive is quick. If you copy, you get a warning that copying takes a long time, but the link on your laptop appears just as quickly. When you instigate the copy, it then sends the command to the Humax and the copying will take a while. If you close the browser before the copy is finished, the copy process will still complete.
It operates on a queued command basis. When you cut or copy an item, it is added to a list (the list is displayed). When you paste it somewhere else, the instruction is converted to a move or copy command (as appropriate). Move (cut followed by paste) will be virtually instant, copy (copy followed by paste) will take some time.

(Beaten to it)

If you cut or copy, it just creates a link on your laptop/ tablet
The link might be displayed in the computer web browser, but it is generated from the WebIF on the HDR-FOX and all the action occurs within the HDR-FOX.
Thanks MET and BH.
That's just what I wanted to hear.
Effectively the same as a move/copy process in Windows Explorer.
Screenshot_2014-01-31-00-29-08~2.jpg Screenshot_2014-01-31-20-29-23~2.jpgI have had a problem with duplicate entries in the schedule. After a rescan I used schedule restore. Last night I rescanned a single MUX and after a rescan schedule results informed me that the service numbers on some scheduled recordings had changed. Service number 393341 went to 589992 and 393340 went to 589991. Do I need to erase the complete schedule and is this only a webif bug or are the duplicate schedules on the box?
Yes there is. I had bother with the webif screenshots. The posted text cleared twice. :( I had to rewrite it a few times.

Edit I have solved the problem. I did a full automatic scan and that wiped the schedule clean. I then re-entered the recordings. Using schedule restore restored a schedule with duplicate recordings.