Well, that was scary.


One of my users boxes crashed overnight for no apparent reason. It was in standby at the time with no recordings scheduled.
A full power cycle was needed. I'm mentioning it here as we regularly see the "channel scrambled" messages around here
lately and I'm convinced its related to the very low signal levels we are now seeing on some channels.
On my test box right now its reading 68-9% whereas over xmas it was 78% (this is channel 4 on 674Mhz)
It may be worth people reporting signal levels when these events occur


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Just signed up to report a similar problem.

Last week, whilst watching a previous recording from BBC HD with no recording taking place, the screen went blank for a moment, before reporting this "channel scrambled" message. Assuming that the recording had gone wrong, I went to play something else, but no luck. I then tried to play something that I'd played before, and that didn't work either. At the time, I think the live tuner was on Ch5, which was coming through OK. I did manage to play a HD video that I had put onto the box, i.e. something that the Humax hadn't recording. I was unable to power off using the remote, so turned it off at the switch and powered it back on the next day. (It was late :)

All was well until last night when it happened again (earlier in the evening this time). It was recording on BBC HD and I was watching a non HD recording. Same error message. Back to live TV, which again was on Ch5 (I'm not reading anything into that, merely reporting it for future reference). A power cycle reboot brought things back up, and I was able to continue watching the recording from where I left off.

This morning I did a re-tune to see if that helps.

I'm getting 6 MUXs, all at 100% quality with strength ranging from 40-60%. Pretty sure that used to be higher, but maybe I'm mis-remembering from the TV, which seems to have a better strength reading all round.