What can you do with Cron daemon


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There are other packages that use it, but they're all doing the same thing. Running commands at times and intervals.
I'm working on a little script that will periodically run from CRON and delete the oldest recordings when you have previously set a maximum number for that series. Inspired by realising that we had 97 episodes of Octonauts on the box last week!

Series record is a little too easy to set methinks....
It's worth distinguishing between cron and anacron. anacron is particularly useful on systems which aren't on 24/7 where you have tasks you want to schedule daily/weekly/monthly but trying to pick an hour of the day when the machine will definitely be on isn't possible. cron will just miss the event if the machine is off; anacron "catches up" the next time the machine is on. Good for infrequent backups, cleanups, scans, stuff like that.