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Which Operating System do you use?

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Two laptops one running Win 7 64 bit the other running Linux Mint Debian Edition 64 bit. Used to run Ubuntu but don't like the changes in the new release so switched to Mint which is a rolling release as well so no need to ever worry about upgrades ;0), Oh and sorry desktop PC running Vista.


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Mostly Solaris and MacOSX.. I have a windows virtual machine somewhere around here...


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Windows 7, Linux and you forgot Android! How could you forget Android? Or does it count as Linux?

In which case, if you have an HDR, you use Linux too. If you have a Linkstation you use Linux. Or a Kindle, or ...


Win XP Pro. Win Vista (Wifes lappy - i think personally it the worst OS ever) Win 7 SP1 32 Bit D/Top & a 64 Bit Lapttop (Very stable OS imho) & Ubuntu (used only to format the ext HDD for the Hummy )


XP, Vista, W2K, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Puppy at home. XP, Redhat, F5 BSD and Linux, IOS, CatOS, Pix/ASA, etc. at work.

Last time I touched anything made by Apple was a Macintosh II in 1991. :D


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Wow, this is so out of date! Windows 10 times 2, one dual booting Linux. Android times 4, also several kindle eReaders.

iWouldn't iTouch a certain OS with an iBargepole.

Steve 11

Reading between the lines ...I guess your not a fan of Apple products then LOL ! .....

But why your dislike of Apple gear ?...rather quite strange ?

edit....I reworded this Post to avoid arguments ! .....
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Steve 11

1st pedant lesson Steve11----You're, not your. :mad:
Good point ! LOL...not sure about that tho ! "You re" is just short for "You are" basically I just missed out "are"...hardly crime of the century ! ....does it really matter that much ?...but well spotted "RobH1" ...(note to Steve ) must try harder with spelling .. :) ....

&..hello Max !

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"You re" is just short for "You are" basically I just missed out "are"...hardly crime of the century ! ....does it really matter that much ?
Oh yes. Don't try that one in the AvP topic!

"Your" is a possessive - as in "belongs to you". "You're" is a contraction of "you are", and only spelt like that to reflect pronunciation. They mean two completely different things, and although it is generally possible to work out which is meant in the context, it can lead to confusion and anyway - why should we have to guess? Written English is more critical than spoken English, because there is no body language etc to reinforce the intention.

I'm the chief of the Proper English Police around here (but not alone), and although we generally let things pass in the technical forums, it's fair game in the 'Arms and positively shooting season in AvP!