What every man should know


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.. and that's why you always need to put an aiming stone into any latrine that you dig : )
Mind you, on the continent they often print a picture of a fly or something similar to aid the aiming process..


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The percentage of the male population not too embarrassed to use a urinal is rapidly decreasing. And that's in a generation perfectly happy to make idiots of themselves down the pub / on YouTube / on TV "reality" shows and supposedly relaxed and open about their sexuality. Weird.


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Micturition- now that's a word that can be dropped (splashed?) into a conversation!


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It often is already - "Are you taking the mickey?"
Although these days the less sophisticated version is probably more common :oops:

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56mm???? Diameter = circumference / Pi....

I think that would be more than uncomfortable. You know what happens to a lamb's tail when the farmer puts a rubber band around it!