Where is everybody?


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I thought that, perhaps the good weather has tempted folk outdoors...don't worry, they will soon realise the error of their ways.

As ever, and I am guilty of this myself, if everything is running sweet, there is less to write about.


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But finished early enough to catch the teatime rerun of WSB Superpole on Eurosport.
I don't whether to ask what that is or not????!!!!!!!! Is it one of the trial events at this years Olympics? And how many tenners will I need?


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WSB = World Superbikes. Superpole is the multi-part qualifying session copied by F1.

( a superbike is a type of motorcyle used for racing heavily based on the road-going bikes you and I can buy at the local dealers rather than the prototype bikes used in MotoGP bike racing - although the distinction between the two classes becomes even more blurred with the introduction of CRT teams to MotoGP to bolster a dwindling field. CRT stands for Claiming Rules Team)


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Or even weird. ;)

I used to get Eurosport 1&2 from the Virginmedia TV package. It got too expensive for the amount I used it!
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I think we could make a pitch for the Olympics opening (or closing!) ceremony - involving the pole vaulters planting their poles in the sand pit and then the beach volleyball team running on and...

Maybe this will be a better idea when the Olympics go to Amsterdam