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Where is the new Firmware?

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Cameron Cooke, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    I was under the impression that Humax was releasing the new software to enable the TV Portal by the end of January. Where is it?
  2. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    It's obviously not ready yet, and is still being beta tested.
  3. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    The most recent information was that a problem had been found and required a fix. The latest estimated date for an OTA is 4th February.
  4. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    Clearly it's not ready yet as I don't have it, I was merely asking for updates? It's not an unreasonable question considering the published release date promises from Humax and this being a Humax forum.
  5. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    Thanks for the info Martin.

    Can't quite believe how many times the deadline has slipped. I'm a Developer and I can't honestly understand how something like this could take a year to build. If I'm not mistaken the actual TV portal modules i.e. BBC iPlayer, Sky Player are just plug-ins provided and produced by the 3rd parties.

    What amazes me is that Humax originally advertised October as a release date so they must have spoken to their devs and got estimated timescales before coming up with that date. So you would expect it to slip a few weeks maybe a month, but 3 months? It was either incredibly buggy software or they must have one part time developer working on it.

    Hopefully it will be worth the wait...
  6. Sandholme

    Sandholme Member

    I take it you actually read the other threads before jumping in and complaining with a first post.
  7. MrPloppy

    MrPloppy Member

    I think the trouble is that we can only guess. There have been rumours from people relating to Humax saying that 4th Feb is a good OTA release date, but I think this highly unlikely. I think that Hitachi have booked their slots in for the 4th, and so an OTA update then is probably not a goer.

    It's rubbish, and we can (and have been!) moan about it on here. But there's not a lot we, the customer, can do about it. It's a waiting game, and that's all there is to it, I'm afraid.

    In addition, probably half or so people on here and on the other fora, already have the portal update but can't say anything about it.

    When I say "half", its probably nowhere near that, but you know what I mean! :D
  8. MrPloppy

    MrPloppy Member

    Now now! Let's be nice to newcomers! ;)
  9. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    I was more interested in any updates or news regarding the Firmware. There is no need to be rude, I'm just interested in the latest news. Also is it surprising that I might be annoyed about the lack of Firmware?
  10. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    Thanks, be nice to me! ;-)
  11. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    Thanks for the info. It would be great I guess if Humax communicated more to their customers. I emailed them a few months ago and never received a reply. It's a real shame because I want to like Humax, I think their boxes are by far the best and most reliable, but the customer service / customer relations leaves little to be desired and only angers their customers.
  12. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    there was a thread no what version no. it will be when its released. what we should be doing is guessing the month.

    i think humax will keep to their word (its on the box). so im saying October , just eight months to wait:(
  13. Sandholme

    Sandholme Member

    I'll take July:D
  14. Sandholme

    Sandholme Member

    Sorry, bit touchy today, I sometimes get fed up of all the complaints.

    Welcome to the forum.
  15. debear

    debear New Member

    I get fed up with people who have the beta being a white knight acting like Humax's honorary employee of the month. It's now February, moaning won't make it come any quicker but the lack of update info is what gets me. Should they not make some kind of facebook statement on the situation now or somthing? Just makes me think they a very poorly run company with one poor software developer in Korea and hamster for staff, with no communication on this side what so ever.
  16. bixieupnorth

    bixieupnorth Member

    and said it rejection emails that we would be given beta before it went ota, no sign of that, i reckon march now!
  17. parish

    parish Member

    Good point!

    Really Humax have brought this on themselves. The box the HDR comes in has October as the availability date clearly printed on it (although there is probably some small print disclaimer too - mine's in the loft so I can't check) so by being this late delivering people are bound to get ticked off.

    While some of the delay might be outside Humax's control (like the EPG Find bug) I suspect that as their customers are retail end-users there is less pressure on them to deliver than if we were business users - they've got our money so there's no need to rush. Not a very good state of affairs though and it doesn't encourage people to brand-loyaly.
  18. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    No problem. Thanks! :)
  19. :rolleyes: what do you expect the lucky beta folks to do ? Spill the beans ? I don't think that will get you the update any quicker. If anything, it may slow it down if Humax feels the need to address further issues if discussed in forums such as this.

    Also, the beta testers probably don't have the latest development version so it is unproductive to discuss issues publicly that may already be fixed.
  20. MrPloppy

    MrPloppy Member

    Just phoned up Humax support. They said it would be available in the next couple of weeks...