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In a rash moment I upgraded to windows 10 and now I cant get vlc media player to recognise UPnP and the humax on the network, windows media player recognises it but its not possible to download items via wmp so I need vlc (or some other player to work) Any thoughts anyone?

By the way if you are thinking of upgrading to w10 take my advice and dont!!! I've spent 3 days getting it to work, several programs that ran happily on 8.1 now wont work at all or crash constantly. my printer refused to work and when i checked with the manufacture (canon) it was suggested that I upgraded to a new printer - I politely told them that I wasnt in the habit of dumping a previously working printer just because they cant be botherd to write a new driver!
My thoughts (for what they are worth) are
- Never, ever upgrade (if that is really, really what you want to do) until a new OS has been released for an absolute minimum of 6 months.
- Microsoft OSs seem to always alternate between good and not-so-good (e.g. XP, Vista, W7, W8) so hopefully W10 will be OK
- Just because bricks and mortar retail outlets ONLY sell PCs with the current OS installed, computers with the previous OS are usually readily available from online retailers who cater for business customers (e.g. W7 PCs are still readily available). Not that I am necessarily recommending people go for W7 at the moment (though I probably would if I had to buy a PC right at this instant).
I acquired Win7 when I needed a new PC, and I have been very happy with it (although I never thought I would at the time). Migrating to a new OS is fraught with difficulties and time consuming incompatibilities, which are pretty well unavoidable if your PC happens to break, so the migration "hit" is offset.
I don't use Win10 yet personally, but have you tried running VLC in compatibility mode ?
Firstly thanks for your replies, and I note that you've agreed with me that I'm an idiot! I have tried running it every compatibility mode going and they are all useless, so anyone have any ideas for an alternative player that will allow downloads from the humax over my network, or do I just stick with the manual version of a usb stick until Microsoft actually produce a worthwhile product.

By the way reverting back to 8.1 doesn't solve much most of what's broke stays broke! Good ole MS :)
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The trouble is that (fortunately) none of us have experience with Win10!
I have. It traps you :mad:

The reservation implies it will download in the background and then you can choose when to instal. So I let it do the download, went to the 'choose when' option intending to set it for a month or so .... choices are: today, tomorrow or the day after. And no option to abort/cancel. So I picked the day after tomorrow in hopes of sorting it out in the meantime. When I pressed OK it installed immediately. Gaaah! :eek:

I could revert back to Win7, but so far 10 does seem to work OK for us. It has a very irritating feature of logging in the last user automatically which is a pain if it's not you. MS have never managed to provide a decent multi-user experience with stupid stuff like this and the volume setting being common to all users (so SWMBO watches a Youtube vid with the volume up high, shuts down. I come along later and promptly get deafened.
I have a get-out-of-trouble card in the form of RollbackRX - it journals the hard drive below Windows and provides instant reversal of all changes on demand.

I've never suffered sharing my PC, but Rollback could provide a solution for that too.
I'm getting to feel a bit smug that I cancelled my reservation. But I do have 3 PCs, and might just be tempted to install it on one of them, having first made a disk image just in case;)
Ok so you've all agreed I was a total idiot to have installed W10, but having said that it looks nice, is actually, once you get the hang of it; get rid of the silly tiles; make it look like windows used to be; remove all the junk programs; (including Candy Crush - what's that all about!) get it to connect to your network; reload and update your programs, drivers, email client etc, not bad to use and does have a few redeeming features. The really annoying thing is, as has been mentioned, it installs itsself without permission wether you like it or not and you have NO control over future updates.
It's main redeeming feature is that it's made me determined to 1, try Linux. 2, save up and buy a MacBook.
Cancel your windows reservation asap and remove the little windows 10 icon in the system tray by removing update kb3035583 and making sure it's not reinstalled for at least 6 months!

Meanwhile I'm starting Windows 10 anonymous for all those too ashamed to admit they downloaded it, be gentle with us.:(
The more you tell me, the more and more I like Win7. The multiple desktops in Win10 is appealing, but that's just playing catchup with Linux and Mac, and there are utilities to do that in Win7.

It occurs to me that the updating of Win10 could be controlled through your firewall.
In a rash moment I upgraded to windows 10 and now I cant get vlc media player to recognise UPnP and the humax on the network, windows media player recognises it but its not possible to download items via wmp so I need vlc (or some other player to work) Any thoughts anyone?

You may have hit a bug in VLC, unrelated to Win 10 - see . I'm running VLC 2.2.1 on Windows 7 and can't see any UPNP devices with it.
Renzz I owe you a beer. Went onto the vlc site and downloaded version 3.00.0 and it found the UPnP and loaded up the Humax folder, hasnt quite got the contents yet but you are obviously right, its a bug in the program. Many thanks indeed.

PS I still think W10 is c--p