Writeable NTFS

Do you still have the Humax native FTP server turned on? That may cause some kind of conflict, and needs to be turned off if you are running betaftpd.
An update on betaftpd has nearly cured the issues I mentioned here but not quite.
On "some" disk drives having this turned on will prevent writing to the drive.
I dont know why that is and can't locate the difference. The drives I tested were
of the same type size and config. I tried emptying the trash, ensuring lots of free space
and scandisk/defragging (take a long time on big NTFS drives!)

What does seem to be an anomaly is that Drive_1 (first partition) sometimes mounts as "Elements 1024" instead of "drive1"
This name is related to the hard drive type and I dont know why that should become the mount name.

Whilst some drives work fine with betaftpd on - the drives that error (and they seem to change with use) will
work fine again with it off.

Its not a big issue but I hope thats of use to someone.