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Did you actually install the qtube package or the youtube-dl package? You should install the former really if you want it in the WebIf, and it'll then install the latter as a dependency. The latter is command line only.

Ezra Pound

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Upgraded to 2021.06.06c, rebooted Humax (twice) but am still getting this :-
Humax HDR-Fox T2 (Humax1) 1.03.12/3.13

Humax1# youtube-dl --version

opkg list-installed
. . . .
webif-charts - 1.3
webshell - 1.0.4
wget - 1.20.3
wireless-tools - 29-1
youtube-dl - 2021.06.06c
zip - 3.0-1
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Ezra Pound

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Uninstall / re-Install did the job, I'm guessing it was 2021.06.06c but was displaying 2021.03.03 in error - Thanks


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A link might be helpful, if you discover something needs doing. It doesn't happen by osmosis.
Yes it would. But - I’m not sure that the way I’m updating a Windows version is the same way you are updating Humaxes with CF. I know I have to play follow the links to find what I’m looking for. I don’t understand github! As an excuse (cough) I didn’t want to give a misleading link.


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Where? In my proof of concept version. Not that I was being deliberately obtuse but the BBC extractor needs some modifications to access a different Mediator and it's not obvious how to implement those without breaking normal operation. In fact even the normal operation is controversial as to whether multiple Mediator requests are acceptable to produce a wider range of formats.

For a proof of concept, this should do:
--- /home/df/Documents/src/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/extractor/bbc.py
+++ /home/df/Documents/src/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/extractor/bbc.py.hak
@@ -57,13 +57,10 @@
     _LOGIN_URL = 'https://account.bbc.com/signin'
     _NETRC_MACHINE = 'bbc'
-    _MEDIA_SELECTOR_URL_TEMPL = 'https://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/select/version/2.0/mediaset/%s/vpid/%s'
+    _MEDIA_SELECTOR_URL_TEMPL = 'https://securegate.iplayer.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/select/version/2.0/mediaset/%s/vpid/%s'
     _MEDIA_SETS = [
-        # Provides HQ HLS streams with even better quality that pc mediaset but fails
-        # with geolocation in some cases when it's even not geo restricted at all (e.g.
-        # http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06bp7lf). Also may fail with selectionunavailable.
-        'iptv-all',
-        'pc',
+        'legacy-iptv-all',
+        'iptv-uhd',
     _EMP_PLAYLIST_NS = 'http://bbc.co.uk/2008/emp/playlist'
However this won't produce anything without the certificate.

To be integrated properly, the extraction should fall back to the normal Mediator if no certificate is given or extraction using the certificate fails.
I am trying to get this to work on PC using youtube-dl PR youtube-dl/pull/29590
I have hdrfoxt2_20201202.pem from iplfix ipk iplfix_1.0_mipsel.opk
openssl pkcs12 -in hdrfoxt2_20201202.p12 -out hdrfoxt2_20201202.pem -nodes
I am only able to see 960x540 from ''legacy-iptv-all'. iptv-uhd alone provides no results
ERROR: bbc.co.uk returned error: selectionunavailable
enabling 'iptv-all' gives me 720p5500k which is regular web iplayer quality
The certificate code is working because if I don't supply that argument I get:
sslv3 alert handshake failure


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In this case it makes no difference as I'd be answering either way (the PR is mine).

Taking as an example Blue Planet II s01e01 which has id p04thmv7 and vpid p06mqywx, we get (rates in kbit/s):
Availability for VPID: p06mqywx

iptv-all    8490
legacy-iptv-all    576    1732    3000    8490
iptv-uhd    23803008
For this to work you need both PR 29590 and the modified BBC extractor with securegate and the appropriate media selector; also if more than one media selector is mentioned, depending on the order, you may need a patch that carries on extracting formats after one media selector has provided formats.

What show are you testing with? (probably better to carry this on in a separate thread ...)