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YouTube player


Although I can play some YouTube stuff, most of the content cannot be played. A friend who has recently got his T2 can play stuff mine wont.

Any ideas please?

Mr Jolly

New Member
yes tell us your firmware versions

there certainly seems to be lots of videos i cant play on youtube... like the ones i thought i would try mostly ;)
started with music videos... thought i would look at some gaga ones i have never seen just heard heh anything with 'vevo' or something like that as uploader simply does nothing

i then tried a newer video to see...
lana del rey - born to die
from revovevo or whatever and still nuked i'd suggest
then i saw an alternate uploader with less hits and tried that and 1080p no probs
makes me think lots are tagged to be blocked on our devices...

wonder if anyone can get those to work