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Wow, a complete redesign. How do you turn those images back into lists?
AVF has several people intimating that the upgrade has peed them off for the same reason as it seems to have done just that to you. There is however, no solution mentioned. Some boy blunder seems to think that Janet and John (modern in MS Speak) presentation is good.
Have to say the Recordings / Schedule displays are not all that bad although I would much prefer a straight list (at least the schedule now shows the time they are due to start recording without having to press Info).

Two biggest steps backward in functionality for me are

1) Unable to position the playbar directly or by using the cursor right / left buttons. This one is huge as it has taken me nearly 10 minutes to FF to the end of this morning's WSB coverage!

2) Info of a recording or timer no longer shows the episode number which can make it tricky to work out if you have already watched an episode or not (Black Sails is a series were I was a few weeks behind and having to mix watching on catch-up and recordings).
You can skip forwards still, I did it earlier. That jumps 1 minute forwards.

We eventually realised what was highlighted on recordings, as that has skipped to top of screen. We went into a series of 3 recordings and played number 1, then pressed stop, but that took us to the main recordings menu, so deleting it involved navigating in again. Very odd design.
It takes even more effort to skip a five hour recording in one minute intervals! I was hoping that to complement the press and hold OK to replay from the start that press and hold Play (or Pause or Stop) would take you to the end or otherwise mark the recording as fully played.
My wife has over 100 Escape to the Country recordings to browse, but can't work out how to easily see the most recent ones. Any ideas? Trying to scroll back from the oldest one does nothing, so she would need to press the right arrow 100 times each time she wishes to watch a recent one.

Also, she would like to browse through them, mark ones she has seen and delete them. That isn't possible either. It's delete the lot, or one at a time.