YouView potential problem

Black Hole

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What a load of rot. "YouView" <> "Your View", nor do they conflict in their spheres of operation.

oijonesey SEO Guru
I can imagine the next generation of adverts for no win no fee litigation services... :shudder:


"Has anyone invented something that looks or sounds remotely similar to your brand/logo without asking you first? Then you should call 0800 brandlawyers4u.moneygrabbingb**** We can get a ridiculous judgement granted in your favour for a percentage of the winnings or even make your claim so tiresome it will be cheaper to get it settled out of court.

Then while we are living somewhere hot with all the money we've made tucked away in an offshore account, the country you are trying to operate in will by then have gone bankrupt because no-one can afford any products or services anymore. Primarily because the amount of insurance people will need to protect themselves from bloodsucking leeches like us will make it impossible to do anything at all."


Ezra Pound

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We aught to try and get [RANT] ... [/RANT] added to the BB Codes, maybe to add bold underlined RED TEXT on a flashing Green background :)

oijonesey SEO Guru
We aught to try and get [RANT] ... [/RANT] added to the BB Codes :)

Yes indeed - it could be like the way the code tag displays except the outline could be bursting blood vessel red and the text background could be boiling p**s yellow!!! Gets my vote - I'd use it now and then!! (But perhaps it should be prohibited from use outside of The Arms??)