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    Does the HDR-2000T

    Support mheg-ic? I'd like to get one to watch Motors TV but HUMAX are Vague about it on their website.
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    Noticed this is now available on Freeview. It looks like the FOX doesn't support it though. Unless you know different?
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    Green Flecky lines

    Swapped into the other FOX location and it still does it whereas "MY" fox is okay on the New TV. Warranty exchange in progress.
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    Green Flecky lines

    I have hooked it up to an LG 50" Plasma using the cable supplied and a decent aerial cable but the picture had a line going across the picture with Green "Flecks" in it. Changed to a Belkin HDMI lead and made a new Aerial lead all of which test as OK on my other HDR-FOX-T2. the Box is set to...
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    Auto Retune

    I don't think the Update to the Software had updated as I manually did the September one. I'll check out the Stopper as I am on holiday soon and Freeview are getting worse at letting you know when a retune is due.
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    Auto Retune

    I noticed fairly late that the HD channels were moving on the EPG. (Thanks Freeview, no mention on the Website and very few announcements on screen). So arrived home last night prepared to retune the two HDR-FOX-T2's I have. I found they were already retuned. Does the HDR-FOX-T2 auto tune now?
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    Hummy Meltdown

    You can use the SCE or SATA Pipeline drive. You need to get the STARTECH IDE to SATA convertor. Using this I have a 500GB Seagate Pipeline drive in my 9200 which works perfectly.