custom firmware

  1. A

    How can I connect Humax Foxsat-HD with our website?

    Hi, I'm using Humax Foxsat-HD receiver no doubt it is best receiver it is little weak in little weak but working well. But want to connect Humax Foxsat-HD with my site for live streaming of my channel. Is that possible?
  2. O

    Has development stopped? Is it possible to get hold of the source code and build instructions?

    Hi, I hope everyone is keeping well in these uncertain times. I see that the last firmware release was in 2017. Has development stopped? Is it possible to get hold of the source code and build instructions? Thanks,
  3. R

    Keep humax hdr fox t2 on using RS reminder

    Hi All, Is it possible to set a series reminder via RS (sew pic) to keep the box on and stop it turning off after the various recordings that I've set? I have the OTA disable feature too setup but could delete that if that might cause an issue (not sure if I still need that these days?). Will...
  4. Ross

    Dedup is stripping the titles of my films

    [originally misposted in the FOXSAT forum, because I'm tired and stupid] Hi. I wonder if anyone can help with the following mystery. I have sweeper installed with the following rules: # Remove New_ prefix. recurse 1 filename New_* action {renamefile {%orig%regsub,New_\s*,,}} # Remove New...
  5. Who Max?

    How do I stream recordings via internet?

    Hi I have recently installed the latest custom firmware onto my HDR FoxT2, installed the web IF and everything’s working very nicely, thank you very much. The assistance given on the wiki and various forum posts was excellent - well done all. I now want to know how I can stream recordings over...
  6. MontysEvilTwin

    Avoid Loss of iPlayer?

    There is firmware update available for the HDR-2000T (see this thread). Without the update, this model will be unable to access iPlayer from sometime later this month. I think that this is due to the new requirement to log in to iPlayer with a BBC account, which is currently rolling out across...
  7. R

    Mediatomb iconv: no such file or directory

    Hi All, I was just looking through Mediatomb and re-registering my folders that I wanted to see in the database and the My Music folder was giving me this error when ever I click on it. I tried Chrome and IE but both were giving the same error. Can anyone shine any light on this? Is it a...
  8. Dave F.

    [cfw] Instruction to remove Flash Device on the TV when upgrading

    When upgrading the CFW there's an instruction displayed on the TV to restart the unit. Could a reminder be added similar to this which is from the wiki instructions?: 'Unplug the USB Flash Device containing the HDR_FOX_T2_Upgrade.hdf file'
  9. I

    Decrypting High def

    Hi I`m having a head scratching moment.... My goal is to stream by DLNA to my android tablet (or iphone or pc) all my recordings on my HDR-fox t2. So far I have - 1) successfully installed the custom firmware to my humax 2) successfully installed the web-if 3) downloaded the package...
  10. L

    FOXSAT-HDR locked up

    Hi, I tried flashing a foxsat HDR with a custom kernel that I had built and I am now left with a bricked box ! I started off building the kernel that I downloaded from the HUMAX website to which I added the support for printk. I then compressed it into a file named "1.hdfbin-1-100000.raw" and...
  11. B

    Incorrect Recording Naming

    Newbie here. Firstly, many thanks to Raydon and Nowster for a fantastic bit of work. Merry christmas to you both. Yesterday I recorded Indiana Jones - and the temple of Doom. Today I recorded Indian Jones - The Last Crusade. I did select series recording to get them all. When I check the...
  12. D

    humax cxhd-5150c aka 7000i aka cxhd-5151

    Hello friends. There is a dvb-c device. Great device, but really need Telnet ))) I have latest firmware: this one: http s : // /d/Xn7AilHBjCX5m but humidify_1.0.2_i386 can't unpack it :( And I can't run v1.0.4 - becouse of i have not other humax devices, and this version does not run...