remote control

  1. J

    Restoring Remote Control

    There are very helpful instructions in the wiki but I thought I would post a different method that I came across and which doesn't involve aluminium foil or conductive paint and which, so far (touching wood) seems to be very successful indeed on one of my remotes which got to the stage of being...
  2. B

    Remote volume control affects some programmes and not others

    I bought a 5000T recently and noticed that the remote control only seems to actually change the volume of a handful of programmes and not others. When I push the volume button it always shows the OSD with the volume bars moving up and down so I know this is working correctly but the actual sound...
  3. G

    PVR-9200T and 9300T not responding to remote

    I have both a 9200T and a 9300T and they are both becoming less and less responsive to the remote. Sometimes the response is delayed by several seconds and sometimes non-existent. I have switched the remotes over and tried new batteries - I even bought a new remote but to no avail. Any...
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    Odd Behaviour of LED Candles

    My sister received a set of 3 LED 'candles' as a birthday present. They are different heights, and are wax coated so look quite realistic; a lot nicer than I'd imagined. Anyway, they come with a remote control and can change colours, or stay one colour of your choice; they can also flicker or...
  5. J

    Remote not controlling PVR properly (not batteries)

    Yesterday the Humax RM-F04 remote that came with my HDR FOX T2 stopped controlling it, after a number of years of good service. It still controls the TV as expected, but the controls in PVR mode seem mapped to different actions. Channel up, volume up, OPT+ and probably several other buttons...
  6. C

    IP Remote Commands

    Anyone have any information on how to control the box via the IP network. I know there is already a Humax app but I wish to write my own. I have played around with the ports sending various HTTP commands as you would normally do for such devices but to no avail. I have looked all of the web and...