All recordings failed!


Last night all recordings failed bar one, and that didn't work properly. The only reason my mother got the results for the ice dancing was the fact the earlier programme worked but carried on recording for over four hours! Everything else completely failed Anybody else having this problem, my HHD's down to 7% so maybe that's it? I'm going to adjust the recording time to see if that works.
There have been lots of reports of problems recording with the Foxsat over the past few days. One suggestion is that there has been a change to the EPG data stream which has exposed a bug in the firmware. I power-cycled my box on Saturday but still had a runaway recording last night.
Although of no help to you whatsoever, mine recorded both parts of ice dancing and the Africa thing last night with no problem (thank goodness, or my parts would have been used as bookends)
My Foxsat HDR failed to series record ITV's Dancing on Ice as well last night.
It's also missed a BBC HD Great British Railway Journeys last week too.

Missing Dancing on Ice is unfortunate as ITV player isn't as good quality as iPlayer to catch up.
My box recorded all the ITV1-HD programmes Sunday night with no problems. (ITV1-HD Granada). Did anyone have a failure using the Granada version ?
My HDR appears to have stopped doing it's housekeeping thing overnight.
As a result my EPG does not update unless I press the guide button. It will also not instant record until I have updated the EPG!
I live in the London area. All recordings today have worked OK, but have no confidence about tonights, as last night all failed including BBC, and ITV.
Whitechapel on ITV1 HD London overran by 7 minutes tonight while the footy on ITV4 started late by 7 minutes. No other recordings active around that time so points the finger at ITV's micky-mouse clock.
I live in the Southwest region we have been having trouble over a couple of days of not recording scheduled programs, last night set up to record Whitechapel this didn't start so I recorded it manually then had a conflict message about 10 minutes later to cancel recording of Whitechapel. I feel it could be an EPG problem
Seems pretty clear now it's related to ITV1-HD London.

Using ITV1-HD Granada all set recordings last night worked OK Emmerdale to Whitechapel.

Having ITV1-HD on your epg seems also to screw up the epg for other channels, hence reported failures on other recordings.

Try changing your postcode to M2 4JA to get ITV1-HD Granada (you get 1920 x 1080 instead of 1440 x 1080 as well).

You can use customise channels to put your local BBC region back on 101.
Last two nights all BBC1 HD recordings failed but BBC HD worked. Call the midwife and bird song failed on Sunday but watched them on i-player. Whitechapel and the football failed on ITV HD.
No Coronation Street, Emmerdale, White Chapel or anything else recorded for a few days. Although I set it to record Judge Judy and twenty minutes later it did. Its pretty useless at the moment, so I'm glad I got a T2 as well.

Swansea post code, so HTV and BBC Wales. I shall have to check a BBC scheduled program.

Just changed my postcode, should have known all my scheduled recordings have gone.:( Never mind, it was no use as it was anyhow.