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My DTR-T1000 is set to "low" ECO mode, because I want a reasonable start-up time. Here's what happens after a period of viewing:

1/ I switch it off with the remote control
2/ Several hours later (often the next day) I switch it on again with the remote control
3/ It shows the logo and the "Nearly ready" message on the TV screen as usual

4a/ NORMALLY, after a few more seconds, the channel ident appears on the Humax display and the logo on the TV screen is replaced by the relevant TV channel. Happy days.

BUT, now this happens:

4b/ No channel ident appears on the Humax display, the logo disappears from the TV screen, but is not replaced by the TV picture.

The box is now in the following state: the blue ring lit, nothing on its display, and nothing on the screen. It refuses to respond to any keypresses on the remote. It will remain like this - apparently locked up - indefinitely.

The only way to get out of this state is to switch it off at the mains (switch on the back) and restart it. After the usual interminable boot-up period normal service is resumed until the next time it is switched off (to standby) with the remote and left there for some time.

It is running the latest software and I've done a factory reset, which makes no difference.

Is this a known fault?


Is this a known fault?

Hi Steve. Not quite the same but I have constant problems with Humax boxes not switching on after being off for a while. I often have to give a second blast with the remote. The worst offender is my Foxsat HDR. I know what to do but nobody else in the house does, and it is a real pain.

Sorry, not much help, just a sympathy post really. Sounds like an RMA to me. :frantic:
Ditto HD-FOX. It turns on with a press of the front panel button, but requires a "pre-alert" with the remote before a turn-on with the remote power button.
My box responds to the first press if I hold the remote vertically instead of the normal horizontal position.

Edit. That wasn't explained very well! I don't mean pointing at the ceiling.
April Fool! (I've been suckered)

Holding the remote in a vertical orientation still required two power presses.
Just to update you: spoke to Humax customer support, and they sent me instructions to perform a maintenance mode reset, which initialises everything to factory-fresh and re-downloads the software over the Internet.

It hasn't cured it, and they are now satisfied the box has a hardware fault and are arranging to replace it for me.

So, it has worked out well for me, and I wanted to "close the loop" so others might benefit from this. Just to summarise the symptoms again, for the record:

1/ Freezing whilst coming out of "low ECO" standby, giving black TV screen, blank LED display, blue circle illuminated, unresponsive to all buttons and the remote; only cleared by cycling the mains.

2/ Switching itself on at random times.

3/ Freezing whilst watching recorded programmes (usually just as the recording finishes). Cleared by cycling the mains.

4/ Numerous "Recording Failed" messages in MyView.

Thanks for all your advice.

Exactly the same thing has has happened to me today. Box has been working faultlessly but now it will not start up. "Nearly Ready" stays for ages and nothing happens. I see there is another forum posting about the same symptoms. Is it possible we have received a faulty software update?
I have been in contact with Humax support and they have helped me attempt a recovery through "maintenance mode reset". (see attached instructions)

(In my case because I have the T1010 model, I needed to use the arrow buttons on the main central dial to activate and manage maintenance mode - there are no buttons to the right of the machine - also it took a full 12 minutes each time to get the Maintenance screen active which is not made clear in the instructions)

Anyway it was quickly concluded by Humax that my machine is dead and there was a no quibble agreement to send a courier to exchange it under warranty.

I can't fault the Humax Support service. It was prompt, helpful and very professional.

Obviously it's a bit annoying that a relatively new unit (Feb 2013) has broken down but these things happen. So long as the seller gets on and sorts it out I am happy enough. It sounds to me like a failed hard drive and I'm well aware that HDD's do have an unpredictable life span.

New machine due to be delivered in 2 days.


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