AR Effectiveness Survey

Yes, I frequently get run-ons of other series in the same time slot when a current run ends. This is the first total loss in two years though - serves me right for taking my eye off it, lulled into a false sense of security after all I have said about not putting oneself at the mercy of the broadcasters!
I've just discovered my AR recording of the Strictly Xmas special terminated early. Anybody else?
HDR1 is now being retired from daily service, and I am terminating my Weatherview AR probe. I have not had a single failure since a cluster in March, and prior to that November last year. Since 15th August (as far as that particular record extends back) each recording starts at the channel ident clip prior to the broadcast.

Failed recordings (Weatherview is always after midnight, so the date is for the next day):

02:55 25/12/11 (first on record, stupidly I didn't preserve them prior to this)
03:15 26/12/11
00:20 20/01/12
00:35 23/01/12
04:00 06/02/12
01:25 09/02/12
01:00 18/02/12
00:20 16/03/12
00:15 21/03/12
00:20 23/03/12
01:00 25/03/12
01:55 02/06/12
01:10 08/06/12
01:05 17/06/12
01:10 24/06/12
01:25 25/06/12
01:20 26/06/12
02:00 27/06/12
01:25 30/06/12
02:20 07/07/12
00:25 09/07/12
01:40 13/08/12
01:30 17/11/12
02:30 01/03/13
01:10 03/03/13
02:50 16/03/13
02:05 27/03/13

The difference between 2012 and 2013 is staggering. Note however that at some point I switched from auto-padding default (with Weatherview set to AR through the WebIF) to AR default. I need to work out when that was and post here, as it may be very pertinent to the error rate.

I don't know why these recordings failed, on a straw poll they are all "Recording failed: unable to track programme." What this means is that the AR flag did not occur within the window of opportunity around the EPG time for the broadcast, and this could be due to previous programmes causing Weatherview to shift out of the window (without the updated time getting communicated through the EPG soon enough to make a difference) - or simply because the AR flag wasn't transmitted properly.