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I see they have officially announced the change over from BBC HD to BBC TWO HD and have also confirmined that a re-tune will not be required

That's amusing. No retune required, unless you want the EPG listing to show "BBC TWO HD" instead of remaining as "BBC HD".
How do you know it won't update dynamically?
I tried editing the database and then rebooted and it changed back.
We will see...
How do you know it won't update dynamically?
It doesn't. We've had name changes (and LCN re-allocations) before, the service continues unaffected on the old parameters until you retune (a scan of the relevant mux is sufficient). My TV, on the other hand, somehow updates as it goes along. Whether it does a surreptitious retune in the background I have never investigated.
It will affect RS... although I have a plan for that and will post a thread shortly.
I asked the question on Digitaluk and got this answer back - not very - suggests they don't know either - but refers to HD channels plural - is there more than BBC2 HD being launched?

"Thank you for your email dated 19 March regarding retuning after BBC2 HD launch.
Prior to the launch of the new HD channels, you will be advised by on screen messages of what action you will need to take (if any) to receive them.
If you need to retune, we always recommend you select the Default Settings option from the Installation menu."