BBC radio 3 FreeView broadcasts encrypted by Humax 1800T after 14th Aug 2018?

I've been recording all BBC radio 3 2018 Proms concerts on my Humax 1800T.

Up to (and including) the concert broadcast on 14th Aug at 19:30), all recorded unencrypted.

After that date, all are marked as encrypted by the 1800T. Why is that?
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It is also happening on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music. The BBC have started to send the encryption instruction for all 4 of their mainly music channels, and only appears tobe inplace for the music programmes on those channels.

There has been no announcement that I can find.

Last time something similar this happened it was mainly for SD films on their SD channels and it lasted for the best part of a year.

Is this causing you an issue? There are ways ...
That is a question for the BBC.
As Luke has pointed out, there has been no announcement. So nobody other than the BBC really knows.
I could speculate that, with newer Humaxes and other PVRs not allowing any method of getting around the encryption, the BBC has decided to try and stop music piracy. Doesn't seem like it is a mistake as it is just music channels - at present. Fortunately with an 1800T should you want to save the programmes you can find information within these forums.
That is a question for the BBC.
Fortunately with an 1800T should you want to save the programmes you can find information within these forums.
Thanks EEPhil (and also thanks to Luke).

You mentioned saving the programmes? I'm only aware of 2 such methods for the 1800T: either save to USB drive, or download using upnp-inspector+wget. My understanding is that neither of these works if the file is marked by the 1800T as encrypted.

I guess (in the UK) it's easiest to use get_iplayer to download and transcode such BBC concerts!


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The BBC R3 prom concert broadcast last night (29th Aug 18-20:30) was marked as 'Enc' by my Humax 1800T, but NOT by my Humax FoxSat HDR
But Freeview is not the same as Freesat and the metadata is not necessarily the same between different platforms.
Has anyone here contacted Freeview about such issues?
It's already known about by the people who need to know about it.

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Strangely the Enc symbol is no longer appearing on some recent radio recordings since October 1st. It seems to be only recordings during the evening where this applies - daytime recordings from Radio 3 at least still have the Enc.

However the Foxy hint above does work on my HDR-2000T, so many thanks for that.


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According to informed wisdom, a fix was applied last week, but it seems that unless/until the EPG info. for any particular programme is changed then it continues to propagate the Enc flag.
It will be interesting to see how quickly the count tends towards 0. Currently it's 115.
Or maybe it will sort itself out now, as there is nothing after the 6th with the flag set.
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