[CFW 3.13] Customised Firmware v3.13 released.


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Hi, I was trying to download HDR_FOX_T2_1.03.12_mod_3.12.zip but I encountered the same problem everybody was having. Could anyone help post this file on the forum please? Much appreciated.

Ed Ludlow

Hi there - I have an HDR Fox T2 running Humax 1.03.12 and custom FW 2.22 which I'd like to upgrade, as I don't seem to be able to install new packages. However like others I'm having problems wiht the link. Does anyone have a link to the file I need?

Huge thanks in advance for any help.

Old Owl

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I also ran into the 403 download issue. Fortunately I found this thread and downloaded the package from the link in prpr's post above, but shouldn't a comment be put on the "Firmware Downloads" page to indicate that this problem exists?