Clocks Going Forward


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Does anyone know why the Freesat Guide timings for programmes scheduled to start from this Sunday morning onwards are all one hour earlier than they should be? Surely the powers that be can't have forgotten that the UK clocks go forward by one hour on Sunday morning!

Also Coronation Street failed to record as scheduled at 19.30 this evening. Is this part of the same problem?

Any information would be very welcome, GSD
Safest thing to do is to set a Watch time for any programme starting after 1am GMT but before your first real recording. That way the PVR wakes up, realises the time has changed and will update the EPG and timers accordingly. Or just leave if on overnight.
Late response I know, but.... you posted the question on 25th during GMT ..... BST started at 0100 GMT on Sunday 27th..... so all the listings were still in GMT for the next week..... (BST/GMT is actually signalled by the broadcasters via GMT plus a time offset code +2 x 30 mins or 0 x 30 mins). The reverse happens in October when BST reverts to GMT but the schedules show BST times..

While it may seem a little odd, it's the way it has always worked via Teletext (Ceefax) on analogue and has been carried on to the Digital services as it's the internationally agreed date/time format.

Gomezz's method will ensure the clock time is updated before any recordings you schedule, but should not be necessary as the PVR will wake 15mins before the time in GMT to update all schedule times, and actual clock time to BST (for the user display).

Internally it probably only ever works on GMT?