[custom-portal] Custom TV Portal


I was just wondering if there were any plans in the pipeline for the Custom TV Portal to be able to access the 'BT Sport Online Player' when it goes live in some 45 days time (timescale according to BT) as it would be useful for [us] BT Broadband customers to be able to access it directly on the TV rather than have to stream it to a p.c. and then onto the TV.

Confess wife and I are 'MotoGP' fans and coverage from 2014 will only be available via 'BT Sport' and 'Sky', and we're not prepared to pay for 'Sky' for the little we'll use it!

Okay, thanks. I've just emailed Humax Support to ask if they have any plans to introduce it. If they do, guess it won't happen until sometime after BT have actually released the player and app, but hopefully it might be in place ready for the start of the 2014 MotoGP season ;)
Unfortunately it appears to be the case. Received the following response from Humax Support, and I quote:-

Unfortunately the only humax box that will have access to BT sport will be the Youview box. None of our other models will support this.

Guess it looks as though I'm going to have to go down the stream to p.c. and connect to TV via HDMI route :(
Some people have had success transmitting incoming video streams from PC to the Humax for display via DLNA - particularly subscription football. I forget which program does this.