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well my brother is daft enough to pay for sky and he was also daft enough to tell me his log in details! shame he is too tight for the film channels

currently watching thundercats on cartoon network!
Yeah - similar story here. I don't seem to see many channels though, even though my donor has almost everything in his Sky plan. Can you even see Sky 1? I only see four pages of channels.


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There is a non flash feed. That's what I mentioned earlier.
I've poked around the iPhone app and found an XML of them from the ps3 version.

Ps. It says on the front screen of sky player there's only 20ish channels..


Based on using the app yesterday the following channels are available to watch live (but some programmes may not be viewed due to rights restrictions)

106 Sky1
107 Sky Living
108 Sky Atlantic
110 GOLD
122 Sky Livingit
126 MTV
243 Sky Arts 1
301 Sky Premiere
303 Sky Showcase
305 Sky Action
306 Sky Family
401 Sky Sports 1
402 Sky Sports 2
403 Sky Sports 3
404 Sky Sports 4
405 Sky Spts News
410 Eurosport UK
411 Eurosport2 UK
501 Sky News
526 Nat Geo
528 Nat Geo Wild
529 History
532 Eden
553 Crime
601 Cartoon Netwkr
603 Boomerang
604 Nickelodeon
607 Disney XD
609 Disney Chnl
615 Nick Jr.

Hope that helps!


Sky Player app looks very interesting, wish I had a login...:cool:

Here is a few ideas for the Portal :
Would it be possible to use the portal to play games (e.g. Java web, PlayJam games or even MAME Arcade games) ?

I seem a new freeview service called Electra’s Channel Zero, that is available on some Freeview HD boxes (Tesco), does anyone know how this works and if it would be possible to add this as a portal on the HDR, or is this just a big gimmick to sell boxes ?


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I don't really think the box would handle mame or any intensive java games. That's more suited to xmbc or a htpc.
There just isn't the processing power. Also how would you play them?

I've heard about channel zero, and I believe it's just a fancy EPG powered by the radio times.
It also carries firmware updates for the specific boxes that are allowed access to it.
It's of no interest to us trust me, and will probably disappear in the next 12 months anyway.
Yes it's a bit of a gimmick. From what I remember reading about (which maybe wrong), it was teletext extra, they went bust and shut, but the data channel on freeview was bought by radio times who supplied the data anyway.
It's all a bit pointless as freeview already has an EPG, the only difference is they extend it by a few days and can also push adverts out.


Thanks for you response Chris.

I got a Satellite box called the Spiderbox, and it can run some of the MAME ROMS (about 20), it uses the remote control to play the games, you can map the remote keys to game controls on the MAME setup page, some of the games don't have sound.
It's a very clever emulator, it uses software to simulate the hardware chips.

As you say the HDR may not have the processing power, but it would be dam cool to be able to play native Galaxians or better Phoenix on the HDR through the Portal, just a dream...

My old Humax PVR9200T, had a highly addictive game based on a Bejeweled clone, the simple games are always the best, you would have thought the HDR would have something similar.

I see that Tesco are discounting there Freeview HD boxes, maybe because Channel Zero is on its way out, as they still don't have BBC iPlayer working, I will buy another Humax.
Hi All,
Installed the custom firmware Monday, first time i ever heard of it and can i say its brilliant!! Not really a techy person with regard to programming or anything outside windows so most of it is not for me but i love the back up Scheduler and the TV portal, but i do have a couple of issues.
When i log into Skyplayer i can watch and navigate live tv with no issues but any request to try and play a on demand file is greeted with an error 1701. Anyone shed any light why? Also sometimes when i access the Tv portal i dont get anything on the screen except connecting, where i would expect to get the 3 blue buttons taking me to either the standard or custom portal. To get out of this i need to restart the box otherwise i can’t view my EPG or recorded programmes. Finally a nice to have, when viewing photos or listening to MP3 is there any way to add more than one folder to a playlist? But again great work...
Oh another afterthought.....A web browser off the hummy or is that not feasible?


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Hi martypants16, and welcome.

The connecting message staying on screen and the skyplayer error 1701 seem to indicate to me a problem with your network connection.
I could be wrong, but it certainly sounds like it.

When its stuck on connecting, have you tried pressing Exit?

To answer your other points, playlists are a feature of the Humax software. We have not touched that yet as we cant really change it.

A web browser is on my list - its not easy however, as there is no mouse, so if you think about it, the software needs to create a fake cursor of sorts that can be controlled by the remote. I'm currently looking at a solution like www.tvfriendly.com, but its going to take time, and time is something that i dont have a lot of.
Hi Chris,
What you are doing is amazing, i wish i had a more more techy knowledge to add to the party.
When i am stuck on connecting i can back out of the portal but then i cant access the EPG so hence the restart- and i have to wait until the hard disk is silent. I have tried waiting but to no avail. It may be it only happens after a failed attempt to access skyplayer, maybe i need to check on that.
Any ideas how i can check/ look to rectify my network connection? Settings etc? I know normal BBC iplayer works fine.
As for the web browser i guess yes with the mouse issue its not easily solveable. With the hummy manual having little or no advice on the network options and setting up its all a bit hit and miss for me. I have managed to "see" my PC on the hummy but can go no deeper into any file structures. Ho hum.


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Finally a nice to have, when viewing photos or listening to MP3 is there any way to add more than one folder to a playlist?

Hi and welcome martypants16. I looked into music playlists a while back on this thread http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/music-playlists-anyone-got-them-working.239/#post-2757

The only way I could do it was to use a program on my PC to create M3U playlists and then get to them via the Hummy menu. For me it had the advantage of storing one playlist on my NAS drive where the music was that I could call from any PC or the Hummy. If you're sharing music actually on your Hummy (or on a USB attached to it) it should still work as long as the content is visible to the PC creating the playlists. When I finally get round to buying a wi-fi portable radio (I believe the Roberts Stream 83i does what I want to do) I could also call the playlists from that as well!!! Actually come to think of it now I have a (cr)Apple I could probably call the same M3U playlist to stream onto that as well - will have to give that a spin sometime (but I'll post my findings if any on the other thread and not here!!) HTH :)
Thanks, i think before i ask any more daft questions i need to go and read up on networks and make sure my PC is connected as it should be, and my humax network box settings are also as they should be ( whatever that is :eek:).
Thanks for your help, i came here off DS and you guys are lot more friendly and better informed.....:eek:


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I got it wrong about about channel zero. It's not an EPG.
It's locked to particular manufacturers boxes though so its of no interest to us.