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DTR-T1000 (YouView) Shortcomings

Discussion in 'DTR-T1000/1010/2000/2100/2110/4000 (YouView) PVR's' started by Ezra Pound, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    As a large proportion of users thinking of buying Humax’s new YouView PVR will have owned the HDR-Fox T2 or some other PVR I though it would be useful to highlight the feature missing from the DTR-T1000 that a lot of users will be expecting to find, the list details features that in my opinion PVR users have come to expect and will miss from their ‘old PVR’.

    Please Note that the list below was the state of the box on 1 Aug. 2012. As Firmware updates have been released since then, it may not reflect current state of the product. Partially edited ( by Martin Liddle) 31 Jan 2013 to reflect current state.:

    Can the Firmware be Customised = No
    Are my recording saved if I reset the Unit = Not without Maintenance Mode
    Is there an Edit Channels option = No
    Can we set up Favourites = No
    Is there a Manual Tuning option = No
    Padding of timers = No padding options
    Manual schedule times = No
    Edit schedule timers = No
    Extend instant Record time = No
    EPG Programme searches = No (on demand only)
    USB file Export = No
    USB Media playback = No
    WiFi Available = Not at present (Future enhancement)
    Can I select multiple recordings to delete = No
    Is there a folders option = No
    Can I record on demand content = No
    Power up time = 2 Mins 13 Secs
    Power Down time = 6 Mins 7 Secs
    Quick power up = 23 Secs (Requires 16.2 Watt Standby)
    OTA Software updates = No
    Resolution change options = No
    Aspect ratio change options = No
    Screen Saver = No
    Can I use alternate Remote codes = No
    Is a CAM slot available = No
    Do Vision / Connect channels work = No
    Is slow motion available = No
    FTP Server Available = No
    DLNA Server / Client Available = No
    Are Tuner conflict alternatives supplied = No
    IPTV HDD buffer (for slow broadband) = No
    Can I record the time shift buffer = No
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  2. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    Are my recording saved if I reset the Unit = No: There is a maintenance mode which offers more choice for resetting the unit including preserving existing recordings.

    Extend instant Record time = No: I think you can.

    Can I skip adverts = No: This relates to catch up services and is no different to using them on a computer.

    Power up time = 2 Mins 13 Secs: That is for highest power-saving mode of 1W. Other modes can bet set to speed this up at the cost of higher energy usage. Note that RF pass-through (to feed your TV tuner for example) can still be set independently of the power-saving mode.

    Power Down time = 6 Mins 7 Secs: This is to power fully down to the selected power-saving mode. Powering up again within this time is pretty much instant.

    Quick power up = 23 Secs (Requires 16.2 Watt Standby): See above.

    OTA Software updates = No: As an internet connected device it does overnight housekeeping to check and install new software as available. No need to fiddle with USB memory sticks.

    Can you skip forward / backwards = No: FF and RW can be used to skip. No jump forward / back feature and no way to jump or position to a specific timepoint
  3. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    I got that info. from the YouView brochure e.g. :-

  4. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    I saw this posted briefly on another forum... Seems to have been removed now so I won't link to it.

  5. CPN

    CPN New Member

    But there is indeed a maintenance mode which does offer a way of factory resetting that is non-destructive (of your recordings...):

    DTR-T1000 Maintenance Mode

    Firstly ensure the YouView Box is turned off at the switch at the back.

    When you flick the ON Switch at the back of the box touch the ON button at the front when the box starts to boot and the front panel says "Please Wait..." Hold the "VOL-" button and a message will appear saying "Enter Maintenance Mode?:" Touch the power button on the front once and wait for maintenance mode to load....

    Once Maintenance mode has loaded you can then choose if you want to do the following:

    Software Reset
    Factory reset, keep recordings
    Factory reset, delete recordings
    Internet/USB Recovery, keep recordings
    Internet/USB Recovery, delete recordings

    If your YouView Box is frozen or won't boot choose the "Internet/USB Recovery, delete recordings" option (This option tested and known to work - others probably fine too.)

    You now need to ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected to the back of the Box straight to your Router or the Powerline Adapters.

    Now you Wait! (The Bars might not progress at first but they do. The process may take up to 10 minutes, this varies on Connection speed)

    Let the box complete and reboot and..... Voila, you can be YouView-ing once again!

    (this may be helpful to someone with a frozen box)
  6. Scuttlebroom

    Scuttlebroom Member

    Hello CPN, nice to see you again!

    I forgot about that maintenance mode instructions! Lucky you saved it, I have it somewhere, seeing as a certain other forum is offline now!
  7. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    Added new info. to #1
  8. CPN

    CPN New Member

    Hi Scuttlebroom! Nice to see you again too :)

    Indeed, I wonder when or even if, we are going to get an invite to their "new" forum?
  9. cabsandy

    cabsandy New Member

    I am/was one of the YouView trial peeps-the biggest thing that is missing, when compared to my HDR-FOX-T2, is the lack of DLNA server functionality.Is there any way of getting this back/does the box possess it and it is hidden? Otherwise, it's going up on Ebay!

  10. Scuttlebroom

    Scuttlebroom Member

    Hi cabs, I too was a trialist, currently there is no DLNA capability on the YouView box, but I would wait and see what updates are coming. Also I would keep the box as it is always useful to have a spare, and if you ever need to record more than 2 channels at a time, you can (I have 3 PVR's connected to my TV currently!)

    You should have had an email at the end of the trial, which advised there will be an update at the beginning of September, followed by a new features upgrade later on in the year.

    The YouView box is designed to be upgraded with new features, not just new content, so hopefully a lot of the missing features will arrive after they have tested them.
  11. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    I have four! :p

    Plus I could use my analogue HDD/DVDR too if I was to get my old Humax Freeview STB out of the cupboard to feed it.
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  12. Scuttlebroom

    Scuttlebroom Member

    I only have 3 SCART connections on my TV!:(
  13. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    Nothing a switch box couldn't solve!
  14. Scuttlebroom

    Scuttlebroom Member

    But luckily I only have 3 PVR's currently, and I can't see I would need another one as I have a 160 GB, 2 x 500 GB capacity, so I think that will do me for now!, and also I do not have a spare shelf under my TV!
  15. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    With SCART connections you can also daisy-chain PVRs and other twin-SCART devices into just the one SCART on the TV. I actually use a four-way HDMI/Optical switch for three of my PVRs as my old AV amp only has the one optical input. My faithful old Toppy is daisy-chained through the HDD/DVDR by SCART which gives me the option to copy stuff over and hence burn to DVD.
  16. Scuttlebroom

    Scuttlebroom Member

    Interesting point Gomez.

    How would that work for me, as I have a Panasonic DVD Freeview HDR with SCART in and out, but have to connect this to my decoder SCART socket which doesn't do RGB (only CVBS) output, so the pic isn't perfect. And i sue the other 2 RGB capable SCART sockets for my HDR and DTR.

    Seeing as I don't use the DTR much, could I simply connect the DTR via my Panny and use only 2 SCART connections?
  17. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    Then perhaps your frown should have been a grin :D
  18. cabsandy

    cabsandy New Member

    Thanks for the update but during the trial, I didn't really see anything that would make me ditch the HDR, in favour of the YV box. And I'm not sure that there would be anything spectactular in the pipeline to hold onto it?I only need one as well so I think Ebay is calling.Might live to regret it but the monies can be used for some other stuff ;)
  19. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    Sounds like time to upgrade your TV so you can get proper benefit of the HD channels from your PVRs using HDMI connections?
  20. Scuttlebroom

    Scuttlebroom Member

    Unfortunatelynot, as the TV is a B&O and it HAS to last for at least 20 years (already running for 6!) before i replace it, as it was way to expensive, but worth it for SD pic IMHO, I can't see the difference of HD even when in a B&O shop as the B&O screens are so amazing already!:cool: