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Favorites keep getting turned off!

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Freesat Recorder' started by Mike710_0, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Everytime I turn my Humax I have to keep turning the favourites back on by doing the following:

    list, green, green, right arrow, ok, ok

    Its very annoying as I only want to go through the channels I like.

    Why does it keep doing this but most of all how do I get the box to stop doing this?!
  2. fenlander

    fenlander Active Member

    Have you scheduled any additional sleep/wake events? Losing the group setting is an unfortunate bit of collateral damage.
  3. no not done anything like that

    that aside it does have some flaws the Humax. No volume punch through, no one touch turn on/off. Am sure if I looked at it more i'd find other things too!
  4. fenlander

    fenlander Active Member

    If everything was perfect, there'd be nothing to talk about. As for punch through, get a Harmony. Really - best thing I ever did - well, one of the best...
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  5. That doesnt make sense. I shouldnt really have to go buy a remote at more expense. I mean the sky hd control has volume punch through. If I was in charge at Humax i'd have these features already in place.

    Come on Humax lets have an update to sort out this favourites problem!

    I can see via Google lots more others are complaining about this same issue!
  6. fenlander

    fenlander Active Member

    It's not just a question of the Humax. Although I rarely use it, I find the Humax remote to be fine, so far as it goes. I even got on quite well with the old 9200T remote, once I'd got used to it. But when you have a TV, a PVR, a DVD player, an amplifier and a media PC, each with its own remote, being able to control everything from a single controller is liberating. Being able to define your own preferences into the remote means that, no matter how particular or downright idiosyncratic your requirements might be, you can achieve a set up that suits you.

    If you were in charge at Humax and had all your favourite features in place, I'll make a confident guess that forums would be full of people telling how you should have designed the thing better.
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  7. so you think the humax to suddenly get a case of amnesia and not do as i told it is acceptable?
  8. fenlander

    fenlander Active Member

    No, if that is happening, it's poor design (I assume you're back to the favourites issue...).
  9. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    A sure fire way of doing that is to delete all the other channels permanently.
  10. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Speak for yourself! I for one certainly would Not want as you call it "volume punch through":rolleyes:
  11. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    Life would be very boring if we were all the same : ) Any manufacturer is off to a bad start if they try to keep everyone happy.
  12. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I would be perfectly happy if it was available as an option.;)
  13. Dave23572

    Dave23572 New Member

    The Favourites problem that the original poster mentioned is a bug that I've reported to Humax many times.
    On one occasion they said they didn't think they would be able to fix it easily, but would submit it for review.

    The selected favourites groups (such as "Favourites 1") will revert to the whole channel list every night in the nightly update. It also reverts occasionally in other circumstances , even sometimes when you've watched a recording (but not always, or if you go to a channel not in your favourites list.

    What we really want is the selected favourites group to stay selected under all circumstances until manually de-selected (I hope Humax is listening!).

    It's easy to re-select the favourites group you've set up, even though it's quite a few key presses but it's a little annoying to have to do it every day at least once. In fact it's the first thing I do when I turn the Humax on in the morning.

    From what I can tell from my parents HDR-Fox T2, the selected favourites group tends to stay selected on that model, so Humax's later software seems better. I suspect we'll never see a fix for this bug on the Foxsat-HDR. We'll have to wait until Humax release the next Freesat PVR model. I hope it's soon as the Foxsat-HDR seems a little dated now compared to the HDR-Fox T2.
  14. So why wouldnt you want that?!?!?!?!?!

    Anyway its a must. I mean does your Humax volume actually do anything when you turn it up+down? Mine doesnt which is yet another sad fault regardless of ANY comments!

    Its hooked up to my receiver via an optical lead so everytime I want to change the volume I have to press 'audio' 'volume +/-' then 'pvr' everytime the volume is to low or high. Pathetic!

    This is the same for EVERYONE out there who has there Humax connected like mine.

    Not good at all hence 'volume punch through' IS a must!
  15. Yes true but why should I have to do that? What happens say I miss a recording say on ITV then my deleted ITV+1 is no longer viewable ive then got to go retune my channels to get them back again.

    Not good that I have to do this because Humax cant make the box do a very simple feature!
  16. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    It sounds as though you would be better off getting rid of your Humax and purchasing something more suitable, as you obviously don't like it.

    I don't have a Foxsat HDR, but do have HDR-FOX T2 boxes and Yes, my Humax volume Does work properly via HDMI to my TV.:)

    I have mine connected to my AV amp via optical cable and the Humax volume does not work via optical, this is intentional and not a problem.
    If as you say "I have to press 'audio' 'volume +/-' then 'pvr' everytime the volume is to low or high. Pathetic!" is too much effort for you then I really do pity you.:rolleyes:
    My AV amp has it's own remote control that I can use to change any settings whilst I am watching, does yours not?;)

    Hence "volume punch through" is NOT a must.:)
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  17. You musn't have ever had Sky TV then to know what im talking about or used to. I pity you more!

    You sure you dont work for Humax?!

    Anyway read it and weep!

  18. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Wrong again:rolleyes: I Have had Sky TV but then realised how poor it was so got rid of it. No pity required.

    I don't work for Humax.

    I have read it, I read ALL posts as moderator. I don't quite understand what you are getting at.

    Edit: The thread that you link to is over a year old, contains mainly inaccurate information that has never applied to my set up. Please explain what I should be reading, and what there is to weep at, as I have really no idea what you are going on about, and May I politely suggest that you don't either.
  19. gomezz

    gomezz Well-Known Member

    My universal remote supports TV volume punch-through but this is of little use as I also use an AV amp and have had to teach it to use P+/P+ to control the volume for each device mode.
  20. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I can do the same with my universal remote control, but prefer to use the original remote controls where possible.

    Edit: I only got my Harmony remote to operate a pair of Toppy 5800's in the same room.